ASUC presidential candidate Wyatt Colby under investigation for alleged violation of election bylaws

Amanda Ramirez /File

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Independent ASUC presidential candidate Wyatt Colby is under investigation for allegedly placing campaign materials on off-limits campus sites, as specified by ASUC election bylaws.

Colby’s campaign posters were found on a structured feature of campus. Under ASUC bylaws, off-limits sites include restricted bulletin boards, within campus buildings, on campus vertical features or any structured or natural features of the campus.

According to ASUC elections prosecutor Jedidiah Tsang, the bylaws are intended to ensure fair campaigns among candidates.

“The duty of the Elections Council is to ensure the integrity of the ASUC Elections,” Tsang said in an email. “(This) has happened before, so it isn’t exactly unprecedented for violations like these to occur.”

Tsang said in an email that he has 48 hours to decide whether to open an investigation after receiving a complaint. After this initial period, the elections prosecutor has a week to either gather sufficient evidence and file charges or close the case if the defendant is found not guilty.

In order to collect evidence, the elections prosecutor will schedule a meeting of “good faith” with the defendant to ensure that evidence is collected from both sides, according to Tsang. If the elections prosecutor then decides to press charges, the defendant can either accept a plea deal or agree to a hearing with the ASUC Judicial Council.

“It’s a little upsetting that it happened, but the prosecutor seems to know what’s happening, and I respect whatever they think that needs to done,” Colby said. “I also think that the special council has demonstrated time and time again that it is nonpolitical and is simply trying to find out (about) the events in an unbiased manner.”

Voting for the ASUC elections will be held April 8, 9 and 10.

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