Cal 1 Card Office to move from César E. Chávez Student Center to Sproul Hall

Yijian Shan/Staff

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The Cal 1 Card Office will close over spring break from March 25 to March 29, during which time it will permanently move from its current location at the César E. Chávez Student Center to 212 Sproul Hall.

The rationale for the move is twofold: It will create space for the Undocumented Student Program at the student center while also consolidating the Cal 1 Card Office with other student-business services such as Cal Student Central and the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office into one building.

“We are moving to Sproul Hall in order to better serve students,” said campus spokesperson Adam Ratliff.

The office will reopen with several new features, including a modified appointment-scheduling system that will offer access to self-service kiosks on the the first floor of Sproul Hall. These kiosks will allow students to place themselves in a virtual queue instead of personally waiting in line and be notified via text message when to return for service.

Online appointment services may also be implemented at the office’s new location but will likely will be limited to employees as the service is still in development.

“I think the move is convenient. … Now everything is in a centralized location,” said campus junior Asena Yildiz. “There is a question of accessibility though. … There needs to be clear communication between students and staff members to make sure students with disabilities can find the office.”

To accommodate for people with disabilities, the new office will be accessible via the elevator in Sproul Hall, which is currently being replaced to offer reliable service. The elevator is set to be fully functional by the time the new office opens.

Students will be able to email the office during its closure over spring break for urgent requests or assistance, if needed. Ratliff said the campus expects the office to officially reopen in Sproul Hall on April 1 when classes resume.

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