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Common first thoughts you'll inevitably have about popular places on campus

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MARCH 20, 2019

As incoming freshmen, we’ve all had our own shares of experiences and reactions to entering UC Berkeley’s most popular and talked about buildings on campus for the first time. The thrill of experiencing things that defy your expectations is a large part of your first week as a new Golden Bear at UC Berkeley, but some of the first impressions these buildings leave on us are inevitable. Here are a few of those thoughts you’ll probably have when you encounter key locations on UC Berkeley’s campus for the first time. 

Moffitt Undergraduate Library

“Dang, this place is crowded, but I really like the interior design! The fifth floor has such a nice view of Memorial Glade. I can’t seem to find a place to sit… And wait, are we allowed to bring food in here? The fourth floor bathrooms are really really messy. Whoa! Is this bathroom gender inclusive? Sick.”

Golden Bear Cafe

“There’s a lot of food crammed in such a small place! I can’t believe they fit both a coffee shop and a smoothie shop in here. I guess this is where most of my flex dollars are going to be spent. I wonder if I could microwave my leftovers… Wow! What does this place not have? I better come earlier if I want to beat the lunchtime rush.”

Evans Hall

“Ten floors is a lot of math. I wonder how old this building is? Are the elevators supposed to make that noise? The library has really nice chairs. I bet the view from the tenth floor is insane. There are so many vending machines on the bottom floor!”

Free Speech Movement Cafe

“The line for food is really long. Why is it so dark in here? Everyone who’s studying in here right now is super attractive. Thank goodness there are so many outlets, ’cause I really need to charge my laptop right now. Hey, the music in here isn’t too bad. There’s an outdoor area? Wow, there are so many hungry squirrels. The sunset is SO pretty… I can’t believe four hours have already gone by.”


“Where am I going again? Is this the right floor? Why are the bathrooms on the bottom floor?”

Memorial Glade

“It’s much smaller than I thought it would be, but hey, there’s a nice view of Doe and the Campanile. Sunny days would probably be really nice here. There are so many cute dogs running around. I wonder if I can still get WiFi over here. Are those hammocks? I bet it is really crowded during spring semester.”

The Campanile

“I didn’t know going up to the top of the Campanile was free for students! I can see the Bay Bridge! Wow, this is the best view out of all of the buildings here. I didn’t know that’s what the top of Barrow’s looked like. I can see my friend going to their lab class! What would happen if the bells started ringing while I’m up here? How long did it take for people to build this? I could spend all day here.”

There are so many other new places and scenes to be a part of and experience as a new Golden Bear, so when you get here, be sure to get out of your dorm room and visit a place on campus you haven’t been to before! Congrats into getting into UC Berkeley, your new home for the next four years!

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MARCH 20, 2019