Fresher than ever: UC Berkeley freshman starter pack

Cal freshman starter pack with items such as Cal ID, laptop, and Facebook notification
Olivia Staser/Staff

Hello, Golden Bears — or should we say Golden Cubs! Congratulations on being admitted to UC Berkeley. College is an exciting time — it’s the time you’ll grow as a person and create new and exhilarating memories you’ll hold close to your golden heart for the rest of your life. But before you step foot on campus, it’s important that you get your UC Berkeley freshman starter pack together to help others clearly identify you on campus. It’ll come in handy when you rush out of class on your first day of school realizing you’re in the wrong lecture hall because people will instantly recognize you and think to themselves, “Ah yes, a freshman.” So, to ensure this is the case once you arrive to UC Berkeley, here’s what you’ll need. 

Cal gear

Cal gear from head to toe is an absolute must! A newly admitted Golden Bear must obnoxiously show off their UC Berkeley pride. If we can’t see the bright California Gold and Berkeley Blue colors screaming at us from across the street, you’re doing it wrong.  

Lanyard holding your Cal ID and dorm keys

How will we know who you are if your Cal ID is not on you at all times? Also, your Cal ID and dorm keys will be your everything. This is how you’ll enter dining halls and your dorm, and purchase items from the Bear Market or Golden Bear Café. Because these items are such a necessity, you might as well wear them on you at all times!

A clean laptop

As you’ll witness almost instantly, UC Berkeley students love to cover their laptops with loads of random stickers, advertising the clubs and organizations they’re in to showing off their favorite memes. It’s a way for students to document their college journey. You’ll start off with a spotless laptop and by the end of your first year, you’ll have a difficult time finding a spot for the newest addition to your sticker collection.  

Google Maps

Google Maps will be your best friend during your first year of college. From navigating UC Berkeley’s enormous campus to trying to find the frat house that sounds exactly like the last one you were just at the other day, Google Maps will help you arrive at your destination in a somewhat efficient manner. Have Google Maps loaded on your phone at all times and you’ll have an easy time making your way around UC Berkeley.


The constant grin on your face while you walk through campus will be the perfect indicator you’re a freshman. It just shows that you’re fresh and eager to conquer Berkeley. Good luck!   

These are just some of the items you’ll find a majority of freshmen repping. Congrats again, and we can’t wait to see your freshman pride!

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