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Quiz: Which classic UC Berkeley freshman will you become?

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MARCH 20, 2019

Greetings baby Bears! Not to be the Bear(ers) of bad news but here it is: even though your acceptance letter said you were handpicked to attend UC Berkeley for your unique and individual characteristics, you will inevitably end up being one of the four types of freshmen on campus. It’s just one of the laws of nature: the sky is blue, one plus one is two and you and a fourth of Berkeley are one type of person. Click on to find out your very own UC Berkeley Freshman Hogwarts House, if you will.


  1. How do you feel about the prospect of dining food life?
    1. Geekin’ out about it to be honest.
    2. You think I downloaded Postmates for fun? This ain’t no game.
    3. Eh, it comes with the freshman territory. Go bears, go Croads.
    4. Long intellectual debates over a nice slice of pie? Sign me up.
  2. Where do you see yourself living on campus?
    1. Unit 1 — I calculated it and it is technically, geographically speaking, closest to campus.
    2. Clark Kerr Campus, baby. I need space and a lot of it.
    3. Anywhere! I’m just happy to be here.
    4. Can you move into a co-op as a freshman?
  3. Will you attend Golden Bear Orientation?
    1. Only because I don’t want to break the rules.
    2. Nah, catch me chillin’ by the pool instead.
    3. Obviously! I want to really bond with my group and make lifelong friends!
    4. Maybe an event here and there, I like to keep my ~mysterious~ reputation up.
  4. How will you gain your freshman 15?
    1. Boba, so much boba.
    2. Strada all day, every day.
    3. Nothing screams classic UC Berkeley freshman mistake like a late night Artichoke’s run!
    4. Taco Bell.
  5. What is your on-campus signature style piece?
    1. Skechers. Support over style.
    2. AirPods.
    3. A Cal sweatshirt. Just in case there are any lingering doubts that I indeed attend the University of California, Berkeley.
    4. A graphic tee with an inspirational quote on it or a Kanye 2020 shirt… style is a canvas for expression, am I right?
  6. What club or organization will you join?
    1. Does my math adjunct count as a club?
    2. Not sure… maybe a business frat.
    3. Everything I can! Definitely Rally Com though!
    4. An environmental frat.
    1. They see you rollin’ (your rolly backpack), they hatin’ (honestly, rightfully). Just kidding, embrace your nerdy side, because it will get you far in the alternate universe that is UC Berkeley’s academics.
    2. Did you just Uber from CKC to class? The answer to which is written all over your Brandy outfit and Patagonia backpack. To you, we wish the best of luck… welcome to Bezerkeley.
    3. We get it, you like UC Berkeley. We would say to be more low key about that love, but let’s face it… your first class might just do that for you.
    4. You are responsible for the philosophical comments on the bathroom stalls. A Sharpie is your comrade in arms. You’re either the very worst or the very best of Berkeley depending on who you ask. So, in the meantime, go with the very best!


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MARCH 20, 2019