Things to know that will make your life easier at UC Berkeley

Isabella Schreiber/File

UC Berkeley can be a challenging experience. Though the challenge is part of the appeal, it can also make college life really difficult. With the right preparation, however, you can have a great time! Here are some things you should know in order to have a good experience at UC Berkeley.

Competitive culture

One thing that seems to define UC Berkeley is the competitive atmosphere. Because many classes are curved many students aren’t trying to do their best, they’re trying to do better than everyone else. This combined with the fact that everyone here was near the top of their class in high school leads to a lot of pressure in academics. You’re going to find a group of people who are willing to help you learn, but just let it be known that not every student in your class will help.

You’ll need friends

This is a tough school that’ll give you plenty of bad days and without  anyone by your side, it can be really difficult. Besides, without friends you won’t have anybody to do things with outside of school. So go out there and make some friends as soon as you can! They can make the bad times suck a little less and will make the good times all the better.

Studying is important

An important detail about college is that it’s nearly impossible to learn the material from class alone — too much material is covered too quickly for that to work. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to class, it just means you have to study. Regularly reviewing is the best way to know all the little details on the test. Find what works for you and you’ll do well in class.

Schedules are your friend

There’s an awful lot of things to do in college. From classwork to laundry, it can be hard to find time for it all. With all the work you’ll be doing in college, a regular schedule will keep you on top of things. Besides, checking things off a list is very satisfying.

You do belong

Congratulations on getting into UC Berkeley! It isn’t an easy feat. If you decide to come, there may come a moment when you feel like you don’t belong here. You might feel like the admissions office made a mistake because everything is so hard, but they didn’t. You deserve to be here and there are other people who think so too. Classes here are challenging for everybody.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your time here at Berkeley or wherever you end up. Just remember to work hard but also leave time for friends. UC Berkeley can be challenging and daunting but it just might be the place where the four best years of your life happen.

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