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Mentorship programs to get involved in at UC Berkeley

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MARCH 22, 2019

In each of our lives, we have a special someone, or someones, who have influenced and shaped our lives for the better. We have all had mentors who directed us to better and brighter paths. The appreciation we have for our mentors can encourage us to be that person for someone else. So, we are here to give you a push and say that it’s finally our turn to be that influence for others. Here are some mentorship programs at UC Berkeley that you can get involved in!

Sage Mentorship Project

Sage is UC Berkeley’s largest one-on-one mentorship program. Reaching elementary schools around Berkeley and Oakland, Sage creates opportunities for college students to help foster the personal growth of Berkeley youth in terms of both academics and life skills. Sage is also offered as a one-unit DeCal, but if you don’t need the unit, that’s fine, too!


Oakland Asian Student Educational Services, or OASES, is a program in which students become mentors for elementary-age youths within Oakland Unified School District. This program is more tutoring-based than Sage is but will still engage you in opportunities to support your mentees socially.

Project SMILE

Project SMILE aims to provide academic and emotional guidance for students at Berkeley’s Longfellow Middle School and Willard Middle School. With their mentees, students work on “Spreading Multiculturalism and Inspiring Leadership through Education,” or S.M.I.L.E.-ing. Mentoring is encouraged twice a week, with the addition of fun weekend activities with the mentees.

Starting Point Mentorship Program

Not really good with kids? No problem! The Starting Point Mentorship Program partners community college students with UC Berkeley students who offer guidance and encouragement toward pursuing higher education at UC Berkeley. Participating in this program also includes a weekly one-hour seminar worth one to two units!

SMART program

Student Mentoring and Research Teams, or SMART, is a summer program in which doctoral students mentor undergraduate students in research. So whether you’re reading this as a potential mentor or mentee, this program offers unique, hands-on research experience. SMART also provides stipends for graduates and undergraduates to provide funds for research. At the end, students have the opportunity to present research on campus or on a national level!

International Peer Mentorship Program

This peer mentorship program matches 10 mentees to one mentor. This mentor will help incoming international transfer students and freshmen navigate life at UC Berkeley and foster a new home away from home. The program is only offered in the fall.

Being a mentor not only changes the life of your mentee but can also impact your own life. Be the change you had in your life, and guide others to success!

Joyce Cam is the assistant blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].

MARCH 22, 2019