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5 pieces in your wardrobe that prove you’re edgy

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MARCH 26, 2019

Forget “Orange is the New Black.” Nowadays, edgy is the new black! When you think of the word “edgy” in the formal sense, it might garner a negative connotation with synonyms such as “tense,” “nervous” and “high-strung.” “Edgy,” in the fashion sense of the word, however,  typifies the embodiment of cool, unique and different — at least, until you realize 15 other people on campus are wearing the same exact outfit. Here are five classic pieces in your wardrobe that’ll prove you’re one edgy student.

Fila Disruptor II sneakers

We pity any ant or leaf that you may unintentionally step on as you walk across campus in these popular, chunky, dad-esque shoes. And for once, the UC Berkeley seal shudders at the thought of you stepping on it — not the other way around. Sure, ugly sweaters are a thing, but ugly shoes too?

Carhartt workwear pants

Fashion trends definitely have an ironic way of catching on. Did you ever think you’d see the day when Carhartt’s thick, durable cargo pants intended for workers among angsty teens everywhere? We suppose walking to lecture with the weight of your Fjällräven Kånken backpack is enough work to break a sweat.

Tiny sunglasses

First, there was wearing your snapback backwards. Now, there’s wearing sunglasses so small that it’s practically impossible to protect your eyes against the sun’s UV rays. After all, who’s to say you need to make sense out of every fashion trend? Maybe we’re the ones who need to get our vision checked and perhaps our very own pair of slim sunglasses with our updated prescriptions.

Fluffy teddy jackets

Made entirely out of fluffy fabrics, these jackets will have you looking like a bear all in the name of fashion. They’re comfy, cozy and remind everyone of their favorite school mascot, Oski the bear, which contributes immensely to these jackets’ popularity on campus. After all, who wouldn’t want to be Oski’s fashion doppelgänger? This bear is such an icon in the world of fashion that he’s even caught the attention of Anna Wintour.

Dr. Martens

The edgy shoe hall of fame seems to be never-ending with notorious additions like Adidas Superstars and Nike Air Force 1s gracing its archives. The latest addition to the bunch is Dr. Martens, a boot you’re unlikely to walk anywhere without spotting at least once. While Docs won’t protect you against getting sick prior to your midterms and Cal Day, they’ll have you looking stylish, chic and most importantly, edgy.

Incorporating any one of these pieces into your outfit of the day is the first step to being an edgy ambassador on campus. Walking down the streets of Berkeley with the trendiest footwear and accessories lets the whole world know it’s not just a phase, but a lifestyle.

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MARCH 26, 2019