What a day in the life of a UC Berkeley student is like, featuring Steve Carell


People always ask, “What is it like to go to a prestigious school such as UC Berkeley?”

Well, I’m here to enlighten the whole world on what a day is like for a student at UC Berkeley — Steve Carell style! There is no better way to do it. Steve Carell is in all of us, and you can’t even deny it.

Waking up for your 8 a.m. is the literal worst. A night of “studying” and only getting four hours of sleep is just not doing it. Please send help.


“Are you interested in business or consulting?”

NOOOOOOOOOOO! Walking through Sproul Plaza can be a pain in the ass with people constantly trying to recruit you. It’s not as bad this time around, but you still get attacked.


This is a feeling we’ve all felt. Halfway through the day, we’ve endured long lectures and painful hikes to class. With the little energy we started the day with, we all feel dead inside at this point.


You’re FINALLY done with classes! By far one of the best feelings ever. Now you have a few hours to yourself to relax or do whatever your heart desires before you have to go back to reality. #GoBears!

DreamWorks / GIPHY

This is the perfect representation of what it’s like to coordinate group projects or hangouts with your friends. Everyone is so damn busy, and schedules never align. Why are we all such overachievers?


After five hours of studying in the dark dungeons of Main Stacks, you’ve forgotten the time of day. Is it already 1 a.m.?


Steve Carell is UC Berkeley, and you are Toby Flenderson. Good night, Golden Bears! 


This is what a day in the life of a UC Berkeley student is like. Is it better than expected?

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