What if Steve Carell’s iconic characters went to UC Berkeley?

A Bear Transit bus with Steve Carell characters coming out of it
Chi Park/Staff

It’s safe to say that Steve Carell is the king of characters. With a variety of iconic portrayals from Michael Scott in “The Office” to Gru in “Despicable Me,” we at the Clog can’t help but think how these characters would live life at UC Berkeley.

Felonious Gru — “Despicable Me”

Gru would definitely be at the top of his class as an EECS major. With past experiences of stealing the moon, Gru has landed himself a summer internship at NASA. Not only is Gru a great inventor, but he also likes balancing himself out by also majoring in child development and education within the interdisciplinary studies department. Although Gru would love to be a scientist and inventor forever, he wants to break the mold of “typical” EECS majors and show the world, especially his peers, that he is capable of having a family.

Michael Scott — “The Office”

Michael would be a Haas major, and he definitely scammed his way into the Haas School of Business! Even though he has the charm and odd likability of Haas majors, his grades weren’t exactly top-notch. He got his spot in Haas through his involvement within the community, such as his annual “Fun Run” that raises money for rabies. Through this, Michael shows great philanthropic qualities that add to the Haas smugness. It’s like this major was made for him!

Andy Stitzer — “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”

Andy lives his college days as the president of a new fraternity he founded, Apple Data Pie. It’s a fraternity that’s all about respecting women! As a gender and women’s studies major, Andy has his hands full with launching a campaign to help all frats be mindful of how to respect women and to respect themselves as well.

Brick Tamland — “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy”

Brick Tamland would be a typical CNR student who wants to save Earth from climate change. He would major in environmental earth science with a minor in atmospheric science. With his free time, Brick does weather reports with CalTV and is a frequent Sprouler — asking his fellow classmates if they want to “save the bees.”

Maxwell Smart — “Get Smart”

Maxwell spends his time at the RSF taking taekwondo classes to up his skills as an agent. Along with this, Max also spends a majority of his time being a news reporter for The Daily Californian — as he likes to get to the truth. With his prior agent work, Max is the top news reporter and is currently working on an exposé about Cal Dining.

Steve Carell is a man of many faces, but these faces are all extraordinary and hard to forget. We wish Steve Carell could be an actual student here at UC Berkeley!

Joyce Cam is the assistant blog editor. Contact Joyce Cam at [email protected].