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Long live the reign of Ellen: queen of pranks and practical jokes alike

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APRIL 02, 2019

In honor of April 1st, also known as April Fool’s Day, we here at the Clog have decided to shine the spotlight on the queen of foolery herself, Ellen DeGeneres. At this point, our YouTube history is practically a love letter to Ellen, filled with episodes of Ellen’s carefully crafted practical jokes and pranks on celebrities and commoners alike. Sure, we may have put off hours of homework, but we now consider ourselves experts on the subject of Ellen’s debauchery… so who’s really winning here? Alas, we here at the Clog want to spread the wealth of Ellen’s comedic gold with you, so we’ve crafted the ultimate power ranking of Ellen’s best waggery.

10. Ellen sends her writer Adam to play “Kevin the Cashier” at See’s Candy. The candy may be sweet, but Kevin’s foolery keeps things salty.

9. You know you’ve achieved pranking glory when Kris Jenner thinks she “wet herself.” We suppose we should lend our congrats to you for this feat, Ellen.

8. Ellen coerces Dennis Quaid to prank an unsuspecting car mechanic and there’s nothing unsuspecting about how hilarious it turns out.

7. Any and all “Average Andy” episodes. Our favorite may just be Average Andy and Chrissy Teigen navigating this haunted house. While you’re rolling on the floor laughing, Andy is rolling on the floor crying. RIP your dignity Andy — we’ve all been there, though.

6. Steve Carell scares Ellen and ohhhh, how the tables have turned.

5. We’ll admit it… if we saw a shirtless Justin Bieber look-alike we’d scream too (but probably not out of fright).

4. If you can count on Taylor Swift for anything, it’s a dramatic reaction… and boy, did she deliver. To be honest, we’re surprised she didn’t subtweet Ellen in a song for revenge.

3. Speaking of Taylor Swift… her doppelgänger hit Selena Gomez with quite the special surprise.

2. Sofia Vergara plays a hidden camera prank and tells a cashier about her new and very fake movie “The Dogs are Running and the Horses are Silent.” The movie was supposed to be sad drama but this clip is pure comedy.

1. And finally, drum roll please… What may be perhaps the GOAT of all practical jokes was when Ellen teamed up with Kris Jenner to wreak straight havoc in a very unfortunate dollar store.

And that’s a wrap, Bears. Long live the reign of Ellen: queen of pranking.

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APRIL 03, 2019