What to do now that your March Madness bracket is officially busted

March Madness doesn’t get its name for any old reason. This past weekend, Duke, the unequivocal top choice to win the tournament in nearly everyone’s bracket (including ours), lost to No. 2 Michigan State, resulting in, well, pure madness. But, even though our brackets (and your brackets, too, probably) are now officially busted and our chances of winning 20 sweet buckaroos have been flushed down the drain thanks to this devastating loss by the Blue Devils, it doesn’t mean the world is over entirely. So, now that March Madness is over for you and you’re ready to crumple up that digital bracket and throw it in your digital trash, don’t fret because we at the Clog have a few things you can do with your life now that it’s not consumed by hoping Duke is going to win for the next week.

Do your homework

Homework? Don’t know her — and you probably don’t either since March Madness has been going on for the past three weeks, plus spring break on top of that. Now that our brackets are busted, it’s time to turn off ESPN and get back to work. Spring break is over, and we’re (almost) in the home stretch. Plus, your bracket is probably only filled with red and strikeouts at this point, and you have work that you’ve been avoiding since the beginning of the semester that you only put off further because you were too busy biting your nails off at the sight of your picks potentially losing in the very first round. So, stay in school, kids. A’s over bad (bracket) days.

Cheat and start over 

Now, normally we at the Clog wouldn’t advocate cheating in any shape or form. But, when it comes to March Madness, we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that even if your bracket is totally and utterly destroyed (ahem, Duke), it doesn’t mean things are totally over. Yes, you could stick it out and see where the rest of the madness takes you, but is there still any fun in that (see our next point)? What’s even more fun (and quite sore-loser-y) is printing out a whole new bracket with the correct picks to date and guessing how the rest of it will go (and who will win now that Duke is out). It’s only kind of cheating.

Keep going and act like nothing ever happened 

Even though our previous point is the total opposite of this — just because the team you picked to win the tournament lost, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed for good. If you’ve got the guts, stick it out like the champ you are — you might’ve gotten the entire Final Four wrong (heck, maybe even the Elite Eight, too), but guess what? So did everyone else! You may have just guessed less wrongly than everyone else you’re playing against. So don’t be a sore loser! Toughen up and see where the wind takes you.

Create your own version of March Madness 

Okay, we get it. Sometimes it’s hard not to be a sore loser. So, if you are a sore loser and you’re writing off watching basketball until 365 days from now because you “just can’t take it anymore,” you can still have your own version of March Madness (yes, we know it’s April now), minus the basketball. Might we suggest creating a bracket filled with UC Berkeley majors and matching them up head-to-head to see who takes the cake? We don’t know how this competition would be measured, but either way, EECS is guaranteed to win, so there’s no way you can get it wrong. Best of luck in your newest March Madness endeavors!

Play along with The Daily Californian’s own version of March Madness

Lacking the creativity to make your own game of March Madness? No problem. The Daily Cal’s arts and entertainment department has created its very own 10-part March Madness series, including March Madness for true crime podcasts and outrageous red carpet looks that you can play along with.

Duke may be out (yes, we will forever be salty about this and we don’t even go there) and March may be over, but the madness doesn’t have to end here! Happy March-Madness-ing, Bears!

Chloe Lelchuk is the blog editor. Contact Chloe Lelchuk at [email protected].