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When you can't seem to get your life together, you can always make your bed

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APRIL 02, 2019

With spring break officially over, we find ourselves in a fickle part of the semester, Bears. It’s a wild card, filled with random assignments, last minute scrambles for internships and not to mention the looming glare of finals eyeing us from a mere month and change away. When the tornado of the last few moments of the year starts to swirl too fast and you can’t seem to get your life ~together~, we here at the Clog are here to give you some suggestions for productive things you can do instead, because nothing leaves you feeling as refreshed as some classic spring cleaning.

Make your bed

We’re not going to lie, but a part of us kind of sort of hopes you do this already. But if not, you can really only go up from here. Straighten your sheets, straighten your life (or so we’ve heard).

Color code your clothes

Alright, we may be aiming too high here. Maybe just start by folding the shirts in your drawer instead of leaving them in the jumbled hodgepodge that you have to mix around each time just to locate the exact Patagonia shirt that you wore yesterday and probably the day before that too. That’s right, we see you.

Take your trash out

Both figuratively and literally. Oh, the wonders of cleaning metaphors.

Whip out the old vacuum

At this point, we’re not really sure if we remember what a vacuum looks like. But trust us when we say there is nothing more therapeutic than zapping away each little crumb on your floor. If you don’t think about it too much you might just convince yourself you’re vacuuming away all of your problems too.

Another one bites the dust (your blinds)

Fun fact: those are the original lyrics to that song. Queen was big on spring cleaning. So, if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for Queen.

Do your laundry
“Just do it” – Nike – Shia LaBeouf – Michael Scott (probably)

There you have it, Bears. You’ve officially been let in on the hottest Clog tea of the season. Spring cleaning is the quickest emotional band aid in the book. So, when you can’t clean up your grades or your life… at least you can clean your room!

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APRIL 02, 2019