From the depths r/berkeley: How much of a social life can you have with L&S CS?

Jessica Doojphibulpol/Staff

How much of a social life can you have with L&S CS? from r/berkeley

An influx of new Bears means an influx of new questions from baby-faced pre-froshes on things from registration to stress culture to whether UC Berkeley is the right choice for them. Since UC Berkeley is known for its computer science department, it’s only natural for eager freshmen to pose questions regarding their survival in the department. One queried, “How much of a social life can you have with L&S CS?” They specified, “Do you L&S CS dudes have free time on Saturday or Friday nights?” Fear not, for the Clog is here to hold your hand and guide you (because no one else here will).

It’s most certainly possible to have at least a sliver of a social life as a CS major. You may end up flocking only with CS students because you’ll spend the most time with them crying over evening midterms and that one bug in your code you can’t seem to find. So what if you spend all your time studying? If you study with others, that counts as socializing! You can’t be too picky about who your friends are. And don’t worry if you don’t have time to shower. No one else has time either, so all your collective B.O.s will combine, and everyone will assume the smell is from someone else.

If you plan on taking just one measly technical per semester, you’ll have at least 30 minutes a week to devote your time to fun things like joining an engineering frat or going to CS help sessions. You’ll also have time for clubs, “even if they’re usually CS-related clubs,” provided you can finesse your way into one. That part is harder than making time when it comes to having a social life. Of course, it’s expected that you devote a minimum of 80.5 hours per week to studying for that one technical, but that’s nothing!

And if you’re not satisfied with our answer, one Redditor explained it perfectly: “Let’s see what a typical L&S CS student does every day. ~2 hours of lecture. ~2 hours of homework. ~3 hours of Anime ~1 hour at the Gym ~30 min boba runs ~2 hours doing random shit with friends ~4 hours of League of Legends ~1 hour eating ~1 hour club meetings.” As long as you’re disciplined in your Anime watching and League of Legends playing, you’ll certainly be able to party on the weekends and drink away your sorrows!

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