#justmemorialgladethings: Why we love Memorial Glade

Karen Chow /File

Lush grass flanked by trees swinging with hammocks and dotted with students trying to escape the existential dread of college. A crisp, blue sky and the occasional dog dumping next to your feet but you not seeing it and stepping in it. These are the sights and experiences that the average UC Berkeley student gets to take in while on Memorial Glade. But there are so many more! Let the Clog take you on a full sensory journey explaining why we love this rightfully-glorified lawn.


Hours spent hugging the Glade are a great way to pass the huge amounts of free time you definitely have. Yes, all grass may give you a rash because it’s actually surprisingly sharp, but at least on Memorial Glade, you’ll enjoy your time before you break out in nasty hives. You’ll be itching for days, but it’ll remind you of how lovely the Glade is!


A moist and green behind is the hallmark of any Memorial Glade grass-dweller. If you’re wearing light colored pants or shorts, you’ll essentially be transported back to a soggy St. Patrick’s Day. The grass is perpetually damp on the Glade, regardless of whether we’ve had rain. While you’re sitting on the grass, you may not feel it as much, but as soon as you get up, the uncomfortably cold patch on your bottom will make itself more known than you’d like it to be. It’ll motivate you to keep yourself glued to Memorial Glade!


Ah yes, the quintessential college experience of tossing a Frisbee on the grass with your friends. What other place than Memorial Glade to make those fantasies real? Even if you’re just minding your own business on the grass, maybe a bro will grace your face with a bright red Frisbee. Being a spectator can be fun, too!


Sure, you’ll see a ladybug here and there. But we’re talking about the ants. And the gnats. And the bees. And the weird bugs with sharp appendages. And the grass spiders. And the other tiny bugs that like crawling on you which you attempt to swat off in vain. We don’t have a nice excuse for this one.


For those of you with seasonal allergies, the grass from the Glade has a nice surprise in store for you! Every second you spend on Memorial Glade is filled with constant sneezing, itchy eyes, itchy face, sniffing and general misery from allergies. But that’s from allergies, not from the Glade!

Memorial Glade makes for a great time for students trying to live their best lives. With a gorgeous backdrop of Doe Library and the Campanile, and Evans (unfortunately), it’s a place for destressing and fun. If you accept it for what it is and know that it will always be there for you to have a good time, then by all means, stop on by and indulge in the #justmemorialgladethings we all know and love!

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