The Clog presents the ASUC elections drinking game

A women smiling and talking to another woman while holding a sign at Sproul Plaza
Amanda Ramirez/File

We at the Clog like to stay impartial during ASUC election season. We know there are lots of great candidates out there with lots of great ideas. There is one thing, however, we have really strong feelings about — the whole process would be much more enjoyable with alcohol. So, Cloggers, mix up your vodka Red Bull (it’s still midterm season after all, and you’ll need the energy to pull that all-nighter), and get ready to turn up to the tune of “Hey, can I walk you to class?”

Take a drink if:

  • Someone sends you a Facebook message asking you to vote for a candidate or referendum
  • A candidate or slate wastes time in lecture introducing themselves to the class
  • You see the phrase “Title for identification purposes only” on Facebook
  • You see/hear an independent candidate talking about “rising above partisanship”
  • You see/hear the words “transparency,” “resources” or “community” mentioned in a platform (one drink for each instance of each word)
  • You see/hear a clever campaign slogan using the name of the candidate

Take two drinks if:

  • Someone complains that the ASUC “doesn’t even matter anyway”
  • You learn about an independent candidate you’ve never heard of

Finish your drink if:

  • An actual candidate approaches you on Sproul
  • You get hit by a campaign sign on Sproul
  • You cast your vote like a responsible member of a democracy

If you follow these simple rules, we guarantee that you will have a blast during this tiresome barrage of propaganda. And don’t forget, voting for the ASUC elections will be held April 8, 9 and 10.

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