solstice: A haiku series

Pixabay/Creative Commons

the sun and the moon:

comrades of light, partners in

temporary death.


the sun graces us,

brings the hopeful morning and

warms our skin and bones.


sunset — burns brighter,

cotton candy, kerosene:

day is laid to rest.


the moon protects us,

keeps safe our whispered wishes,

bears the march of dreams.


sunrise, the moon steeps —

breathless blues, silent magic:

night bleeds back to day.




maybe you’re the moon:

born to bend the world at will,



maybe i’m the sun:

destined to implode, too bright

too anxious, too much.


maybe we were meant

to be like them, to be close

but at a distance.


condemned to eclipse,

passersby — always mingling

but never touching.

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