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Sunday brunch in San Francisco: Mission Beach Cafe

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APRIL 07, 2019

On a lazy Sunday morning, there’s nothing better than hitting the city for a late-morning bite with your friends. Trendy and cozy, Mission Beach Cafe is located in the Mission District of San Francisco — right in the middle of a fun neighborhood filled with lots of food options. If the classic American breakfast isn’t what you’re feeling at the moment, look around! If you’ve ever been around the area, you probably know it as the small yet busy cafe on the corner of 14th and Guerrero Streets.

Completely crowded within half an hour of opening, the chill atmosphere makes it the perfect place to sit with your favorite people and catch up over a nice meal. Even better, their expansive menu has everything you would ever want for brunch and more. From four different types of Eggs Benedict to French toast to a vegan breakfast, Mission Beach Cafe has an option for everyone.

When I came here, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I hadn’t come based on an opinion I trusted, but simply with faith in Yelp and its 2,000+ positive ratings. Walking in, I was met with friendly staff and the humming buzz of pleased patrons. Seated at our table by the welcoming personnel, my friends and I were happy with the choice and ordered our meals. I ordered the Spinach and Mushroom Cremini Benedict with their hot chocolate, which I found to be rich, filling and well-balanced, though the eggs were a little overcooked. Served with English muffins and potatoes, it was a simple yet delicious meal. The drink was well-made with just the right amount of chocolate.

While our experience at the restaurant was enjoyable, the cafe’s popularity meant that the servers were quick to have you leave. Subtly reminding you about the bill and consistently asking if we wanted anything more, the pressured rush toward the end soured our experience a little.

All in all, Mission Beach Cafe did as promised — we got a delicious, hearty meal in the middle of the city. If you ever find yourself in the city and in need of a good brunch, I’d definitely recommend this place!

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APRIL 08, 2019