Teddy Lake for president

The ASUC presidency is largely symbolic — to many administrators, the president embodies the needs and desires of the student body. A strong president listens to and makes student voices heard in conversations that matter. A strong president doesn’t back down on the issues that are impacting students most. And this year, that president is CalSERVE’s Teddy Lake.

Lake’s platforms are centered on increasing the transparency of the ASUC, improving basic needs accessibility and reconfiguring the campus climate around an increased sense of community. The visibility of the ASUC president is crucial to student trust in the position — and Lake’s plans to deliver a “State of the Association” address and create public video coverage of ASUC operations are promising. Lake has the passion, knowledge and drive to use the platform of the ASUC presidency to advocate strongly and unwaveringly for students.

Despite having no experience in the ASUC before her senate term this past year, Lake quickly adapted to the role — a testament to her resilience, which would translate well to her ability to take on the responsibilities and challenges of the ASUC presidency quickly. Since becoming a senator, she’s been a director for the QT+ Health and Wellness summit and an ASUC representative in the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Communities at Cal.

Still, Lake has emphasized the importance of using her privilege as a senator — and, hopefully, president — to uplift students at the margins. Her dedication to this front is evident in her advocacy for repealing Proposition 209.  And clearly, communities appreciate her efforts — she’s been endorsed by executives at the Black Recruitment and Retention Center, and she’s on the Black Student Union’s voter guide for the 2019 elections.

Lake’s opponent, Amma Sarkodee-Adoo, who’s running with Student Action, lacks the concrete vision needed from an ASUC president. While Lake passed six resolutions during her time as a senator, Sarkodee-Adoo has passed none. And although Sarkodee-Adoo’s slogan of “get shit done” is optimistic, she was unable to provide concrete plans for many of her platforms in her interview with The Daily Californian’s editorial board.

While Defend Affirmative Action Party/Fighting for Immigrant Rights and Equality candidate Stephanie Gutierrez is passionate and well spoken, her plans are far from realistic. Sure, many students want to see President Donald Trump impeached, but this is an impossible task for a student body president. And independent candidate Wyatt Colby has no experience or concrete solutions to bring to the role — as evidenced by his feeble responses to the Daily Cal’s questions during the elections forum.

Too many students on this campus know too little about the ASUC and its operations. How can the ASUC president claim to represent the needs of the student body if the student body doesn’t even know what the president does? And from her unapologetic commitment to students’ needs and bold presence on the senate floor, it’s clear that Lake will tackle this issue head-on.

Vote Teddy Lake for president.

Editorial board member Shayann Hendricks recused herself from the discussion of this endorsement because of her social relationships with Teddy Lake and Wyatt Colby.

Editorials represent the majority opinion of the Editorial Board as written by the opinion editor.