Varsha Sarveshwar for external affairs vice president

Varsha Sarveshwar may be running unopposed for the position of ASUC external affairs vice president, or EAVP, but it’s difficult to imagine another candidate on campus who would be half as qualified for the job.

Sarveshwar, who is running with CalSERVE, will bring to the office exactly what it needs –– the passion, knowledge and leadership to energetically fight for students’ rights at every level. Since her first semester on campus, she has been involved in student-led community organizing. She has consistently proven that she will do right by students –– she organized a protest to call for former UC regent Norman Pattiz’s resignation after a recording surfaced of him making lewd comments to an employee. She also pushed for increased state funding for the university, which ultimately resulted in an in-state tuition decrease.

Last fall, Sarveshwar even successfully ran District 7 Councilmember Rigel Robinson’s campaign as a student, demonstrating her ability to reach for and tackle numerous ambitious goals at once. If Sarveshwar is elected EAVP, it’s clear that she would continue to uplift student voices in the spaces that matter. She realizes that decision-making spaces often exclude students’ voices and wants to break down those barriers as EAVP –– and her ample political and organizing experiences have made her well equipped to do just that.

With her extensive knowledge comes her careful consideration for the complexity of the issues she hopes to tackle. Sarveshwar’s platform on increasing affordable housing is especially nuanced and shows immense dedication to ensuring that neither students nor longtime Berkeley residents are hurt in the fight for more housing in the city.

At The Daily Californian’s annual ASUC elections forum, Sarveshwar acknowledged that while building more housing is necessary, building affordable housing close to campus is also critical in preventing city residents from being pushed out of their homes — an apt observation that is often left out of conversations about the housing crisis.

Her ability to understand the importance of issues on and off campus makes her perfect for the role of EAVP. Sarveshwar has consistently proven that she will show up to hold institutions of power accountable and fight for students. She deserves this seat more than anyone else.

Vote Varsha Sarveshwar for external affairs vice president.

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