4 Bay Area foodies to follow for Instagram FOMO

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At some point, we’ve all found ourselves aimlessly scrolling through Instagram foodie accounts, craving some outlandish dish we see plastered all over someone’s social media page. Usually, these food bloggers have traveled to some far-flung location such as Singapore, Paris or LA (let’s face it, Los Angeles is definitely a world away from Berkeley) in search of the perfect food picture. But, if you feel sick and tired of seeing pictures of amazing foods that are too far away to try, fear not! We at the Clog have curated a list of awesome food bloggers — all of them based in the Bay Area — so you can have the peace of mind that if you ever see a photo of a plum-yuzu donut from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, a buttery croque monsieur from Tartine Bakery or a thick-cut avocado toast from The Mill, you’ll know that these restaurants are only a BART ride away!


Also known as Nicole Modic, KaleJunkie is the epitome of a world-class food blogger. In addition to posting envy-inducing pictures of amazing restaurants around the Bay Area, Nicole develops healthy recipes so you can try your own hand at cooking some delicious desserts. If you want a recommendation as to what recipe of hers to try first, her Life Changing Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookies are a great place to start. They really are life changing and only call for six simple ingredients. Check out her feed for delicious restaurant recommendations, recipe inspiration and some kickass tips on how to transform your life.


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👋 friends. I’m about to jet off to Colorado, but before I do, check out my last ‘clean out the fridge’ bowl from last night. Leftover roasted vegg, dino kale massaged in a tahini mustard dressing (recipe below) and a pan seared wild coho salmon from @marinameats (cooked in @fourthandheart ghee with pink Himalayan salt). Have a fab Saturday ✨#f52spruceup #f52grams Dressing (for one salad): 1 tbs tahini (I like @soomfoods) 1 tbs @sirkensingtons dijon 1-2 tbs Apple cider vinegar (depends how acidic you like it) 1 tsp grade B maple syrup (or raw honey) 3-4 tbs olive oil Salt to taste To make: Whisk together tahini, dijon, ACV, maple syrup Slowly drizzle in olive oil while contralto whisking Taste and adjust (including adding salt)

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Kyle is another great foodie Instagrammer to follow. Her posts showcase what she eats on a day-to-day basis, which is a great source of inspiration if you want to try out some new meal ideas. Her Instagram captions often include very helpful information on how different foods can help nourish not just your soul, but your body as well! This no-nonsense approach to health is exactly what one would need to jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle.


Stepping away from the healthier side of the Instagram food scene, Tim showcases delicious and extravagant foods from all around the Bay Area. Check out his page if you’re ever wondering where to get the best bacon and egg sandwich. (Hint: It’s at the Gastropig, located in Oakland!)


This page also showcases some amazing food recommendations in the Bay Area. From dim sum to ramen (and even Peruvian food!) @foodandsachi’s page is a must-visit if you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone and discover all the amazing food that the world has to offer.

In reading this quick guide to some great Bay Area foodies to follow, we at the Clog hope you’ve found some inspiration to explore the Bay and find your new favorite restaurant. Or, maybe you’ve found a calling to try out one of Nicole or Kyle’s healthy recipes. Regardless of what you’ve taken from this guide, we hope we have pushed you to explore what the culinary world has to offer.

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