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8 things you can purchase instead of a Coachella ticket

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APRIL 10, 2019

Coachella is coming up, but we didn’t have to remind you because Facebook’s Marketplace is already there for that. FOMO (fear of missing out) and peer pressure are extremely real, but don’t let that influence you to spontaneously purchase a $500 Coachella ticket. Seriously. DON’T DO IT. Here are eight things you can purchase with that money instead.

Three pairs of AirPods

Hop on that “rich” lifestyle and flex not only one pair of AirPods but three! Why go listen to artists perform at Coachella one time when you can hear them perform 24/7 through your three sets of AirPods?  


You can buy an iPad AND an Apple Pencil with $500! What a steal!

100 cups of boba or coffee

We’re calling all the ABGs and ABBs or caffeine addicts out there. You can have boba or coffee everyday for about three months for the price of one Coachella ticket. We don’t need to say anymore.

50 meals

You’re wasting your money on what could’ve been 50 meals just by buying one Coachella ticket… just think about that. #sadlife  


Berkeley housing is insanely expensive, and we’ll be honest, $500 may only cover half of what you’re paying. Nonetheless, it can be put toward securing your housing for next year.


It’s only .04 percent of your tuition but still. Lol. 

One textbook

Why are textbooks so expensive? If you’re lucky, you can purchase at least two textbooks with $500. But in most cases, just one. #GoBears

A dog

Accomplish your dream of adopting a dog, or two… or even three. You know you want to.

We hope we’ve convinced you to fight the urge to purchase a Coachella ticket and spend it on other things instead. You can even purchase 500 items at the Dollar Tree.

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APRIL 11, 2019