Independent ASUC presidential candidate Wyatt Colby endorses competitors

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Amanda Ramirez/File

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Independent ASUC presidential candidate Wyatt Colby released a statement Monday afternoon encouraging UC Berkeley students to vote for the other presidential candidates instead of himself.

Colby, a junior transfer student, said the other ASUC presidential candidates are more experienced than him and a better fit for the job, adding that he feels he is “not fit, nor deserving enough of this position.” In releasing his statement, Colby also hoped to earn the trust of other candidates and the campus by prioritizing a unified campus environment over a potential presidential win.

“I want a President who can best represent Berkeley. Unfortunately, this just simply can’t be me,” Colby said in an email. “Please utilize your vote, as a vote for me is a wasted vote: If you vote for me and I win, I will resign.”

Colby confirmed that he posted the statement to the Confessions from UC Berkeley and Transfer 2020 Facebook pages Monday afternoon.

“We are not one another’s enemy, and we need a very qualified and eccentric candidate for the future that lays ahead,” Colby said in the statement. “They are all terrific candidates and individuals, and we should be very proud of the people our Campus has presented us.”

Colby’s platforms emphasize a sense of campus community and unity. Other aspects of his platforms include bridging ideological gaps between students and raising awareness about campus resources.

ASUC Senate candidate Sumrit Grewal said the turn of events was “interesting,” adding that it was good that Colby made his statement early on in the voting process.

“Going through the process is eye-opening — you learn about yourself, you learn about other candidates, you learn about the school,” said ASUC Senate candidate Haazim Amirali. “At the end of the day, (Colby) realized what other candidates could do to benefit this school.”

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