Leaked: The Clog’s Facebook roommate profile

Facebook profile page of the Daily Clog
Olivia Staser/Staff

It’s roommate searching season for all of the future Bears out there, and little did you know, but we at the Clog are in search of a roommate for ourselves for next year too. We haven’t been accepted into the Class of 2023 Facebook page yet (probably because our profile picture is of an unedited, completely candid image of a Clog (yes, that is what we look like), so we’re posting our roommate bio here. We’re pretty desperate at this point, so do let us know if you’re interested:

Hey everyone! My name is Daily Clog and UC Berkeley has been my dream school for as long as I can remember. I’m 99% sure that I’ll be attending and I’m so excited to meet everybody. I’m looking for a chill roommate to live with, so feel free to message me if you think we’d get along!

Here’s a little more about me: I’m from Los Angeles (aren’t we all?). I’ve been involved in student government all throughout high school, played varsity soccer, and was on the debate team and in the school band. I’m definitely planning on trying to get involved in similar things in college and filling my time with anything I possibly can.

Major: I’m thinking pre-med and Haas. I want a great job after I graduate college.

Top dorm choice: a double in Blackwell, then after that, Clark Kerr. Duh.

Lifestyle: I like to get a lot of sleep and I have the “work hard, play hard” mindset. I’m pretty clean, but I can be messy when things get hectic. I would love to have a roommate to go to the gym with and to keep each other motivated to work out!

Interests: Watching Netflix and hanging out with friends. I’m always up for an adventure! My favorite TV show is “The Office.”

I will be at Cal Day so message me if you want to meet up!

Disclaimer: What ultimately ended up happening was that we at the Clog ended up living in Foothill, becoming a Media Studies major, getting rejected from every club, have never been to the RSF ever and hate our roommate.

Contact Elena Cavender at [email protected].