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Quiz: Which Golden State Warriors player are you?

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APRIL 10, 2019

Now that March Madness is over, and so is the regular NBA season, it’s time to start thinking about the NBA finals. Since we’re obviously in Golden State Warriors territory, and the Dubs might just bring their fourth championship in the last five years home this year, we at the Clog thought you might want to get a taste of what it’s like to be a champion. So, Bears, which Golden State Warriors player is your alter ego? Take our quiz to find out.


  1. You’re working on a group project, and you’re not sure that your group will do a good job gradewise. You’re given the option to move to another group, one that did really well on the last project. What do you do?
    1. Switch groups, duh. My grade is what matters most.
    2. Stick with my group. Hard work eventually pays off.
    3. Whatever the professor chooses. I can stay or leave.
    4. Why are we even talking about grades? The goal is that we learn, not worry about scores.
  2. You’re about to graduate UC Berkeley and have some extra money (we’re talking thousands of extra dollars) to spare. What do you do with it?
    1. Donate it to the school. Giving back is important.
    2. I’d start a camp for kids centered around teaching them my major.
    3. Invest in tech companies. Start early, am I right?
    4. Create a fund for victims of the Northern California fires.
  3. You’ve been accused of forgetting to submit part of the group project you were in charge of. How do you react?
    1. I’d calmly resolve the problem, unless my group provokes me.
    2. I’d just laugh it off, maybe after spitting my gum out.
    3. I would stick my arms out in disbelief. How could my group accuse me of something like that?
    4. I’d shake my head and get a little upset, but I’d quickly move on.
  4. What kind of student are you?
    1. Quiet and consistent. I get my work done, and I almost always do a good job.
    2. Outstanding. You could call me an all-star. I set the curve, always.
    3. During the school year, I’m a mediocre student. But I really bring my A-game finals week.
    4. I have my ups and downs, but there are some days where literally no one can stop me.
  5. If you were a basketball player, what would you be best known for?
    1. My height and ability to be a great guard.
    2. Setting records and then breaking the very records I set.
    3. My defense. And I wouldn’t be the best at free throws.
    4. Shooting three-pointers. And I’d be known for my surprise dunks.
  6. What’s your personality like?
    1. Quiet, but I know how to crack a joke or two.
    2. Goofy. And I like to celebrate.
    3. I like pranking people, but I give up the prank pretty quickly.
    4. Laid back, chill and funny.
    1. Kevin Durant — Known to be a nice person, you keep your head down and get work done. Sometimes while you may not appear to fit a certain role or job, you’ll be persistent and make sure you get the job because you know what’s yours. At the end of the day, your final grade is what matters most so if you have to, you’ll make changes to make sure you get a good grade. You’re definitely majoring in a STEM field —we suspect math.
    2. Stephen Curry — You’re goofy and love to have a good time. You’re the life of the party, and in all honesty, everyone wants to be you. You always do a phenomenal job in everything you try, but it’s not because of luck. It’s because of your hard work and dedication to your future. You’re probably the No. one student in each of your three majors.
    3. Andre Iguodala — You’re a quiet individual and especially excel when put into very tough situations. You probably major in CS or EECS (except you actually shower), and if your partner messes up the code for your final project, you debug it in no time and make the project even better. Diamonds really are made under pressure.
    4. Klay Thompson — Everyone loves you. You’re always the cool, calm and collected, not to mention best-looking, person in your squad. You handle pressure well, and it’s all thanks to your laid-back personality. You’re a successful person, and you’re always seen either working out in the RSF or just hanging out on Memorial Glade.


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APRIL 11, 2019