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Work, work, work: Power ranking of Rihanna’s business ventures

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APRIL 10, 2019

It’s no secret that Rihanna is a woman of many talents. Although many know her for her music career, Rihanna’s strong businesswoman persona is equally admirable and would easily make her a top contender for UC Berkeley’s prestigious Haas School of Business. From elevating the cosmetic industry to dominating the world of fashion, everything RiRi touches turns to gold. To celebrate her many game-changing ventures, we at the Clog are counting down our top five favorite projects.

1. Fenty Beauty

With most major cosmetic brands offering a selection of 10 or fewer hues to choose from, the struggle to find the right foundation was extremely real and relatable for most people. Fenty Beauty, however, truly lives up to its inclusive motto of “beauty for all,” offering 50 shades of foundations and concealers to ensure that every customer can find a shade to match their skin tone. Created in 2017, Rihanna’s brand emerges as a trailblazer for the entire industry in such short time — but could we really expect any less from the Caribbean queen?

2. Fenty x Puma

Fenty x Puma elevates everyday apparel, instantly making it ready for the streets in a way that only a fashion icon like Rihanna would know how to. Everyday slides instantly become chic with the addition of fur and fun pastel colors like pink and turquoise. A pair of plain black leggings gets an upgrade by adding a lace-up detail that runs along the side of the legs. From track pants to trainers, Rihanna essentially takes your most commonly worn items to class, and makes them fashionable.

3. The Dior Rihanna Collection

Rihanna is already one of the faces of Dior, but now add designer to her relationship with the luxury brand as well. Rihanna collaborated with Dior back in 2016, designing a pair of sleek, metallic sunglasses that will have you feeling like you came straight out of a sci-fi film in the most fashionable way possible. We know who we’re calling if we ever need a stylist for a mission to space.

4. Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik

Worn in her “Wild Thoughts” music video, Rihanna’s bedazzled heels are hard to miss. These Swarovski crystal encrusted shoes are part of her third collection with Manolo Blahnik appropriately called So Stoned. Available in four different styles, the So Stoned line is suitable for every occasion from your next date party event to a night out on the town with friends.

5. Savage x Fenty

The latest iteration of the Fenty brand comes as a lingerie line, proving that there really isn’t anything Rihanna can’t do. Her brand excels at being inclusive once again by providing an array of sizes suitable for various body types. She strives to create bras that are cute, but most importantly comfortable and good quality. Who has time for itchy and ill-fitting undergarments when you’ve got hours of lectures and discussions ahead of you?

It seems like the word “careless” isn’t even in Rihanna’s vocabulary. In everything she does, Rihanna devotes her full and undivided attention, allowing her passion to shine through. Looks like this summer we’re really going to have to work, work, work to be able to treat ourselves to some stellar beauty and clothing products.

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APRIL 10, 2019