Another suspect charged in connection with San Pablo Park shooting

A sign that reads "San Pablo Park" stands in a grassy area.
Brian Bi/File

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The Alameda County District Attorney’s Office brought charges against a Vallejo man for alleged involvement in a August 2018 drive-by shooting at a popular Berkeley park, as first reported by Berkeleyside.

Three people were injured in the shooting at San Pablo Park on Aug. 18, during which two suspects exchanged shots in an act of probable gang-related violence. On April 4, U.S. Marshals arrested 32-year-old Kevin Gilmore Greene Jr. outside his home in Vallejo on suspicion of being one of the shooters.

According to court documents, witnesses at the scene of the shooting reported that the violence began when a white sedan with tinted windows and paper license plates drove up to the park and one of its passengers fired shots into the crowd. One gang member and two bystanders were hit.

A second shooter — later identified as Greene — reportedly ran after the vehicle and fired shots in its direction, according to court documents. One of the second shooter’s bullets struck a residence at 1252 Russell Street.

There were at least 100 people present at San Pablo Park that day, some of whom were celebrating birthday parties and enjoying a family-oriented barbecue. Several witnesses were therefore able to describe the second shooter as a “black male adult, thin build, approximately 6 feet tall” and wearing a shirt with yellow sleeves — possibly a “Cal” Shirt, according to the court documents.

Officers also found 9mm and .45 caliber shell castings at the scene.

According to the court documents, a concerned citizen informed Berkeley Police Department that they had heard the second shooter goes by the name K.I. BPD officers were able to identify Greene as K.I., who is also known to be a member of the Five Finga Mafia gang, according to the documents.

During this investigation, the shooter in the vehicle was also identified as a gang member, belonging to the North Side Oakland, or NSO, gang. NSO is known for having a “feud” with South Berkeley gang members, and San Pablo Park has become a place for South Berkeley gang members to “loiter and claim,” according to the documents. Greene has gang tattoos that claim the area of San Pablo Park.

NSO members Antoine Johnson and Shane Downs were arrested in November and February in connection with the shooting. Johnson was allegedly in possession of a 9mm pistol that matched casings found at the park and Downs was the registered owner of the white sedan driven by the NSO members.

On Sept. 1, the Oakland Police Department arrested Greene, who was at the time in possession of a stolen semi-automatic pistol whose castings also matched those found at San Pablo Park.

Greene’s booking photo from the OPD arrest allegedly matched witness descriptions of the second shooter. Police were therefore able to obtain a Ramey Warrant — a type of warrant issued directly by a judge instead of the district attorney — for Greene’s arrest.

BPD also received a search warrant for Greene’s apartment and car. Officers met federal agents at the apartment and found a blue “Cal” jacket with yellow sleeves at the residence, “consistent with what witnesses described Greene to be wearing the day of the shooting,” according to the court documents.

Officers also found two loaded guns in Greene’s bedroom closet and one stolen gun in his car. Greene has had previous felony convictions connected to gun possession going as far back as 2005, which means he is prohibited from possessing firearms.

Greene is currently being held in Santa Rita Jail, with bail set at $270,000. His plea hearing is scheduled for April 23 at Oakland’s René C. Davidson Courthouse, according to online jail records.

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