A day in the life of campus freshman Amy Wang

Sunny Shen/Staff
When Amy walks to class in the afternoon, she follows a path leading towards the campanile. SUNNY SHEN/STAFF

UC Berkeley’s class of 2022 has about 6,000 freshmen, all of whom are hardworking and intelligent and have unique interests. While no single freshman can be representative of all, a closer look at a day in the life of Amy Wang may give you more insights into what UC Berkeley students’ lives look like.

Wang is from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, and intends to major in molecular and cell biology and minor in computer science. She lives in Unit 1, which is a block away from campus and close to many restaurants.

Wang starts off her day by getting breakfast at Crossroads, the closest dining hall to Unit 1. As part of the Cal figure skating team, she practices at Oakland Ice Center almost every day. After that, Wang goes to class and participates in a research lab at the Li Ka Shing Center. She usually stays at her residence hall, studies and hangs out with friends at night.

Wang eats a bowl of oatmeal and bananas for breakfast at Crossroads dining. SUNNY SHEN/STAFF

Wang practices ice-skating at Oakland Ice Center almost every day. SUNNY SHEN/STAFF

One of the classes Wang attends is Computer Science 61A lecture at Wheeler 150. SUNNY SHEN/STAFF

Wang does homework with her friends in a study room in her campus residence hall. SUNNY SHEN/STAFF


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