From the depths of r/berkeley: How do I opt out of CalNet 2-step verification?

A drawing of a phone showing the Duo 2-Step Verification which is on fire.
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How to opt-out of CalNet two factor authentication? from r/berkeley

The bane of a frantic UC Berkeley student’s existence is none other than CalNet two-factor authentication. Need to log into your CalCentral because it’s your enrollment time? Sorry, bud, it’s been 30 days. You have to enter in that dastardly code before you can proceed any further. You should’ve prepared in advance for this major inconvenience! But there must be some way to avoid this unnecessary stressor. A Redditor, who must be new to all of this, questioned, “How do I opt-out of CalNet two-factor authentication? I don’t see an option to dismiss it no matter what.”

To answer your question plain and simple, you can’t. You just can’t. There’s no way around it. You have no choice but to subject yourself to the absolute hell of whipping out your phone and navigating your way around 53 green buttons and timeouts and general discomfort. If your teacher is a blessed one who doesn’t use iClickers but instead uses Google forms, you’re going to have to struggle through logging into bCourses, which never keeps you logged in, and awkwardly looking around to see if everyone is having as much of a difficult time as you are. They are.

We concede that there are some good things about CalNet. Your trash GPA will be protected from the prying eyes of those around you and potential employers! But then again, everyone has a trash GPA, so we, unfortunately, aren’t fooling anyone. Your privacy, regardless, is muy importante! We don’t want another NSA scandal, but one perpetuated by a UC Berkeley CS student. But we definitely wouldn’t mind if someone were to hack into our accounts and withdraw us from campus (that’s your cue).

But, you must see, it’s all a part of the UC Berkeley plan. We’re supposed to be constantly kept on our toes so we don’t get dulled out by the monotony of college classes, homework, labs, essays and studying. Think of it as a good thing! Oh, who are we kidding, we don’t even believe that ourselves.

Our hot tip to you is to delete the Duo Mobile app from your phone and just have the damn thing call you each time you need to log in. It’s a lot less button-pressing, and you don’t even have to wait for the automated robot voice to finish its spiel. You’re welcome. 

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