I’m not Mestiza

Unsettled settler

“You know, us Mexicans are indigenous, too,” I told my sister once while talking about ethnicity and Mexicanidad—Mexicaness. While living in Mexico, I never thought of people in terms of race, we were all just mestizos—of mixed race with indigenous descent––despite our skin color or physical traits. I grew up
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Finding friendship through 4 years at Cal

I first set foot at UC Berkeley the night before Cal Day in 2015. I had just been accepted a few weeks prior and I was on my senior weekend trip, where I would decide if UC Berkeley was going to be my home for the next four years. It
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9 months of Berkeley in full, living color

You too will be changed if you come to Cal, not by the resume you build or the grades you get — but only by the defiant act of living and doing so unabashedly, committed to the knowledge that every valuable lesson this school can offer exists outside the confines of a classroom.
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Mario character with stars and Campanile

How to score free gear on Cal Day

My absolute weakness is free Cal gear. Call it an occupational hazard, given that I have to be decked out in blue and gold for my campus job, but my roots reach back to far earlier than when I was hired.
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