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Plan your own Coachella festival and we'll guess which artist will headline!

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APRIL 12, 2019

Maybe you’ve boycotted Coachella over its many controversies, or maybe you’re just not ready to deal with those crazy ticket prices. Either way, for most of us, the “Coachella experience” will likely be scrolling through pictures from the festival on Instagram or watching the new Beyoncé documentary on Netflix.

Take a break from whatever you’re doing and plan your own Coachella-inspired music festival … and let us guess which artists are in your lineup!


  1. Pick a location for the festival:
    1. A desert in Nevada
    2. Portland — it’s time to change things up
    3. Pablo Escobar’s island
    4. Palm Springs or somewhere else that’s basically an extension of Los Angeles
  2. What kind of food will there be?
    1. Tacos
    2. Burgers and fries
    3. Granola bars
    4. Steak and pasta
  3. What’s the dress code?
    1. Edgy
    2. Bohemian
    3. Casual and comfy
    4. Neon colors
  4. Pick something out for the attendees:
    1. Blankets for the outdoor concerts
    2. Stickers
    3. Visors
    4. Reusable water bottles
  5. Pick a celebrity co-host:
    1. Chrissy Teigen
    2. Will Smith
    3. Jennifer Lopez
    4. John Mulaney
  6. Pick a group to perform:
    1. Migos
    2. The Jonas Brothers
    3. Backstreet Boys
    4. Coldplay
  7. Choose a parting gift to give festivalgoers:
    1. Snacks and candy
    2. Sunglasses
    3. Souvenir bracelet
    4. Pictures from a Polaroid photo booth
    1. Travis Scott: Who, what?! Take a trip to “Astroworld” with Travis Scott, who will be headlining your festival! It’s going to be “sick…o mode.”
    2. Billie Eilish: And “when the party’s over” … everyone will be talking about what a great festival you put on.
    3. Beyoncé and Jay-Z: Hold up, what? This party is destined to last “all night,” and those memories will be “irreplaceable.” You’ve done a “flawless job” — the whole crowd’s going to go “apes**t”!
    4. Taylor Swift: The festival will gain a reputation all on its own — nice work throwing a festival in “style”! We just hope the audience is “…ready for it?”


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APRIL 12, 2019