Quiz: Which Memorial Glader are you?

Many people cover the lawn area of Memorial Glade.
Jenna Wong/Staff

Spring time — warmer weather, the crippling stress of finding a summer internship, but most of all, lots of hours spent hanging out on Memorial Glade. In the Clog’s humble opinion, Memorial Glade is one of the best spots on campus, as it offers something for everyone. The cast of characters on the Glade is familiar to all of us, from the couple doing eyebrow-raising yoga to the doggos running to and fro. We at the Clog bet we can guess which Memorial Glader you are if you tell us a few things about yourself with our short quiz.

  1. What can you never leave home without?
    1. My water bottle
    2. My sunscreen
    3. Homework to do in case I have free time
    4. Some kind of game or toy to play with when I’m bored
  2. Who do you like to meet up with on the Glade?
    1. My weed guy
    2. A buddy from freshman year who I talk to once every other month
    3. Nobody — I go for some freaking peace and quiet
    4. My best pals, of course!
  3. What’s your favorite kind of shoe?
    1. Sandals, particularly of the Chaco or Teva variety
    2. Nike Frees
    3. Adidas Superstars or something as equally basic
    4. Shoes are lame and uncomfortable
  4. What snacks do you bring to the picnic?
    1. Kale chips or something else that’s vegan
    2. Sorry, I was too busy to pick anything up
    3. A box of cookies from Trader Joe’s
    4. Snacks? What? Where??
  5. Your friends would describe you as
    1. “A chiller”
    2. Sporty
    3. A stress case
    4. Extroverted
  6. Which college are you in?
    1. Natural Resources
    2. Engineering
    3. Letters & Science
    4. Environmental Design
  7. What’s the best spot on the Glade?
    1. The north part, under the big redwood trees
    2. Right in the middle where there’s lots of open space to move around
    3. The side closest to Evans, where you can get light shade but still get a tan
    4. How do you pick? It’s all amazing!
    1. The dude on the hammock — you’ve achieved the ultimate state of “chill,” and with your hammock tied up and your sticker-covered Hydro Flask at your side, all is right in the world.
    2. The frisbee thrower — it’s cool, we get that you want to flex your mad backhand tricks, but please, for the love of God, do it away from the crowd. How would you feel if we hit you with a hard plastic object while you were napping?
    3. The napper — you’re among the most common breed on the Glade. You’re totally fine to plop down on the grass — mud stains and itchy skin be damned.
    4. The golden retriever — you’re loyal, friendly, energetic and, honestly, just here for a good time.

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