Picks of the Week: Coachella roundup and movies to stream this week

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Happy Monday, Berkeley!

For your Monday, catch up on some new content from this week. Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton has resurfaced and released a new solo EP, ARIZONA baby, with three all-new tracks this past week. Emma Stone hosted SNL for the fourth time with exactly the kind of great sketches characteristic of an Emma Stone appearance. Some of the highlights of the episode include the short “The Actress” and “Dorm Room Posters.”

On Tuesday, there will be two up-and-coming artists playing in the Bay Area. Leikeli47, a Brooklyn rapper, will be playing at The New Parish in Oakland as a part of her Acrylic tour. “Money” and “Mulita” are two great songs to check out in order to get a feel for her music. Meanwhile, fresh from Coachella, the English indie pop group Superorganism will be playing in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall.

Or, if live music isn’t your thing, spend Tuesday checking out Amazon Studio’s newest release, “Guava Island.” The “tropical thriller” starring Donald Glover and Rihanna premiered this weekend at Coachella. Speaking of Donald Glover, be sure to check out the new trailer for “The Lion King.”

And to continue this six degrees of separation edition of Picks of the Week, Beyoncé, who will lend her mellifluous voice to Nala in the “Lion King,” will also be the focus of a new show — Netflix documentary “Homecoming” will be coming out Wednesday. The documentary promises to offer an in-depth look at Beyonce’s iconic “Beychella” performance at Coachella last year. Netflix’s cryptic post about the documentary sent the internet into a tailspin earlier this week, but luckily we don’t have to wait too much longer for the project’s release (and thank God that release won’t be on Tidal).

On Thursday, give your eyes a break and check out some new podcast episodes. This week’s episode of the NPR podcast “Invisibilia” focuses on former incel activist Jack Peterson and examines empathy and the importance of consideration for those we extend empathy to.

In the climax of my time as Picks of the Week writer, 100 percent that bitch Lizzo is releasing Cuz I Love You is coming out this Friday. While researching the Coachella performers for the first Picks of the Week, I heard Lizzo for the first time. Now, she is my absolute favorite artist. Check out her new album at the end of this week and in the meantime take a listen to the Everything Lizzo playlist on Spotify.

I have accidentally found myself becoming a huge (ironic?) Noah Centineo fan, and his newest vehicle “The Perfect Date” came out this past week on Netflix. Spend some time Saturday catching up on all things Noah Centineo with a double feature of “The Perfect Date” and “SPF-18,” which are both available to stream on Netflix. Or if you don’t get a kick out of “so bad they’re good” movies, you can just check out this Vulture article exclusively about the fact that Noah Centineo’s character is named Brooks Rattigan in “The Perfect Date.”

As for your news for the week, the ASUC elections were this past Friday and, in case you missed it, the Daily Californian published tons of content on the results. Over in arts, Areyon Jolivette wrote a touching eulogy for Ursula from the “The Little Mermaid” in her newest column. Arts editor Maisy Menzies also wrote a column this past week about her love of Frida Kahlo. Finally, Malini Raimeyer published a piece about Berkeley alumnus and Pulitzer Prize winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen’s recent talk on campus.



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