10 facts for a coffee lover to make small talk with your barista

Ireland Wagner/Staff
Ireland Wagner/Staff

The quintessential college student’s pick-me-up is in high demand during this transition between midterms and finals season. Everyone drinks it, but how much do we really know about coffee? Take a break from studying to learn a few things about the drink we all (kind of) know and love!

Brazil produces the most coffee of any country in the world.

As consumers, many of us don’t know much about the coffee we purchase before it ends up in our cups. Check out the Berkeley Coffee Project to learn about ethical coffee consumption and directly supporting coffee farmers!

Coffee beans are harvested from a the coffee plant’s bright red fruit called the coffee cherry.

Maybe now you can tell your mom that you drink tons of fruit juice! The beans, located within the coffee cherry, are harvested, dried and roasted!

Your body takes between four to six hours on average to metabolize a 12 ounce cup of coffee.

Be kind to your body! You might want to try to avoid downing cups of coffee for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The FDA suggests that the average adult should not drink more than four to five cups of coffee a day.

They also warn that this number can vary greatly depending on the individual. If your body has had more coffee than it can handle, you may experience symptoms such as insomnia, jitters, feelings of sudden anxiousness or unhappiness, rapid heart rate, upset stomach and nausea. So remember, moderation is key!

Coffee may decrease your risk of death.

Various preliminary studies have suggested that there may be an inverse relationship between coffee and risk of mortality! So if someone tells you how much coffee you drink is unhealthy, just pull up the facts.

Seattle is called the “most caffeinated city in the United States.”

You may know Seattle as the birthplace of Starbucks, but there are local coffee shops stationed within a 100 feet of each other all over town. Next time you’re in Seattle, skip the Starbucks run and give one of the many popular local joints a try.

The coffee of Vienna, Austria, has been recognized by UNESCO!

Viennese coffee culture has been designated by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as an official member of the “intangible cultural heritage” list!

Kona Coffee comes from the volcanoes of Hawaii

The world famous “Kona Coffee” comes from the Kona District in Hawaii, and is grown and harvested from the slopes of the Hualālai  mountain and the Mauna Loa mountain. It is said that the acidic volcanic soil enriches the distinctive flavor of these coffee beans.

The oldest café still operating in France called Café Procope opened in 1686!

In every romantic comedy set in Paris, there are at least a couple of scenes set in or around French cafés. If you’re lucky enough to take a trip to France yourself, live out your rom-com dreams by visiting this beautiful and historic café! Meanwhile, the rest of us will live vicariously through your Instagram pictures.

The “trenta” at Starbucks is bigger than your belly can hold!

You probably know the “tall,” the “grande” and the “venti” at Starbucks. But do you know the “trenta”? Many Starbucks’ locations offer a “secret menu” size bigger than the venti called the trenta — which is slightly bigger than your stomach. According to Business Insider, “The Trenta is slightly bigger than your stomach with the capacity to hold 916 milliliters. The stomach on average has a capacity of 900 milliliters.”

So that’s all the buzz around coffee! The next time you order a vanilla latte, stop to think about where it came from and how this drink can actually extend your lifespan!

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