The Clog’s power ranking of the strangest things found in dorm shower stalls

The inside of a building displays a small shower.
Pooja Bale /Staff

If communal showers don’t gross you out, they should. You never know just what you may find: a biological warzone or the plains after a nuclear disaster. The Clog has gone through the uncharted territory known as the dorm bathrooms, and we’ve conveniently power ranked the weirdest s— we’ve found.

1. A random guy’s underwear

When you share a bathroom with both guys and girls, someone’s bound to leave some article of clothing behind. What makes this one oh-so-strange is that this pair of gray boxers was hanging from the shower curtain rod, like an animal ready to pounce.

2. A bowl from the dining hall

It was one of the blue and white bowls next to the salads, too. Why it was in the shower, we don’t know. Maybe someone wanted to enjoy a crisp Caesar while they washed their hair. Or possibly, they could have been washing the dish itself in the shower and left it there. Maybe it was a charity donation to another college student in need. It was gone the next day, anyway.

3. A used bandaid

It was the circle one you use to put on minor scrapes and cuts. And it was stuck very appealingly to the wall. It’s something you can’t take your eyes off of as you shower, or else you just may find it hitching a ride on your ass as you exit.

4. A lone fake nail (on two separate occasions)

The first one was a gray acrylic, and the second one was a hot pink one. Why did they choose to dispose of them in the shower stall? All we know is that someone needs to glue their nails on better.

5. Dismantled parts of a deodorant stick

We guess it’s a good thing that people are using deodorant. It was a red cap, probably from an Old Spice bar, and the top part that the deodorant sits in. We merely kicked it to the side and continued on with our duties. What else can you do with something like that?

6. A paper clip

UC Berkeley kids really don’t have free time to do anything but work, huh? Maybe a student was doing their homework while they showered because they couldn’t afford to lose a precious minute. It’s the only rational explanation.

7. An earplug

Dorms are super noisy. We assume a good amount of people wear earplugs, and those tiny foam pieces can get lost very easily. It may have gotten tangled in someone’s clothes or in their shower caddy.

Bonus: someone drying their dishes with the hand dryers

While this wasn’t in the shower stall itself, it was witnessed as we stepped out of the shower. Innovative? Possibly. Strange? Very.

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