What majors would the Avengers would be?

An illustration of a group of young adults walking together in a line, side by side.
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The Avengers have their work cut out for them as they rechallenge Thanos in “Avengers: Endgame.” That challenge, however, is nothing compared to the finals we have coming up. So that begs the question, what would the Avengers do if they went to UC Berkeley? Here are some of the majors those heroes would have if they were UC Berkeley students.

Tony Stark: EECS

Tony, with his mechanical suits of armor and artificial intelligence user interfaces, would feel right at home with the rest of the EECS majors. He could use his expertise to ace all of his classes and upgrade his suit as a class project. Other students might get jealous of his success, but the clever ones will try to befriend him to get an internship at Stark Industries.

Thor: Scandinavian

Thor would go with Scandinavian as his major because he’d think it would be an easy ride. His life is the myth, so all he’d have to do is remember what happened. He could experience all the drinking and merriment of college without his workload being too difficult. The myths, however, aren’t really what happened, and plenty of professors would get annoyed at him for all his corrections. Therefore, Thor will have to work hard just to keep a passing grade.

Black Widow: Psychology

A good skill for an assassin to have is being able to get into the head of their target. For Natasha, who is already trained in this skillset, this major would be perfect for her career as an assassin. This major will also teach her techniques to calm the Hulk down, which can be useful.

Bruce Banner: Physics

Let’s face it, it’s his profession. Chances are he would have studied it as an undergrad.

Ant-Man: Integrative Biology

Scott Lang didn’t want to go to university or study biology; however, Hank Pym wouldn’t let him use the suit unless he knew more about the insects he was controlling. Rest assured that he would track down every class on ants and bugs, so he can graduate quickly and get back into the suit. At the end of the day, these classes will also help him control ants better, which is a plus.

Captain America: History

Steve Rogers would choose this major for two reasons. First off, some of the classes will be easy since he lived through it. The second reason is that it’ll let him catch up on what happened all those years he was frozen in ice. With these goals in mind, he would try to find as many 20th-century history classes as he can with a preference for American history for obvious reasons.

Who knows how well the Avengers would do if they actually went here? Finals week is probably as hard as defeating an army of robots, so they’d probably be fine — they’d just have to work together as a team. That or let the geniuses among them just teach all of the material.

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