‘I’m really honored’: Nuha Khalfay presented with Kenneth Priestley Award for leadership

Amanda Ramirez/Senior Staff

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ASUC External Affairs Vice President, or EAVP, Nuha Khalfay won the Kenneth Priestley Award at UC Berkeley’s Inaugural Dean of Students Outstanding Leadership Awards on Tuesday.

The award, which includes a medal and a $1,000 cash prize, recognizes a graduating senior who has made “outstanding” contributions to student leadership and student welfare.

The award was established in 1951 and has been awarded to 66 UC Berkeley students, including Khalfay. It was reestablished this year in association with the Inaugural Dean of Students Outstanding Leadership Awards.

“It was really exciting to be recognized, and I’m really honored,” Khalfay said.

According to Khalfay, she was granted the award because of her work in civic engagement, including registering students to vote last semester, halting the proposed tuition hike for nonresident students and the South & South West Asian and North African initiative.

Khalfay, who received the nomination for the award April 5, was also nominated for the Outstanding Student Leadership Award, which recognizes a student who has significantly impacted the campus and community through their innovation, collaboration and high-quality leadership.

According to EAVP-elect Varsha Sarveshwar, Khalfay has done important work on campus, including registering “thousands of voters.”

“She is an incredible leader and very talented at what she does, and I’m so excited she received this award,” Sarveshwar said. “Under her leadership this office has set a high bar for what civic engagement and student advocacy can look like.”

Sarveshwar added that being in a position of student leadership is not an easy task and that recognition of strong student leaders is “incredibly important.”

Khalfay also spoke to the importance of recognizing student contributions to the campus’ well-being.

“I think it’s really exciting, and it’s a huge honor, and I hope that this award is continually awarded to students who better our campus,” Khalfay said.

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