Summer’s almost here! Let the Clog help you make your summer plans

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Now, we know it might be a little early to start thinking about summer, but have faith! We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel already. If you want to plan ahead for your summer vacation, read on for a few tips from the Clog on what you can do this summer!


You will likely come by very few opportunities that are as personally gratifying as giving back to the community. If you’re from the Bay Area, “HandsOn Bay Area” connects interested, prospective volunteers with openings in the Bay Area. You can also volunteer at a local hospital, such as Highland Hospital in Oakland, Alta Bates in Berkeley and more in a plethora of unique positions in sections ranging from the gift shop to the emergency room. You can also spend some time volunteering at your local soup kitchen, animal shelter, community center or library and get to know the people in your community!

Take a summer class

If you haven’t had enough of school yet, use this summer as an opportunity to get a breadth requirement out of the way or to explore your curiosities! There are tons of opportunities, whether it be at UC Berkeley, your local community college or another UC close to home. Knowledge is power! For many community colleges, summer session registration hasn’t opened yet, so you have some time to decide!

Try a new sport

If you’re local, check out the schedules for facilities at the RSF! Use this break from school as a chance to invest in your health and wellness. Grab a friend from back home and go swimming, play tennis or brave the Herculean crowd at the weight room!

Go on an adventure

If we’re being honest, for most of us, summer isn’t actually just a two-month stretch of doing nothing. We all have our own responsibilities, including family, work and school. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone and organize small day trips with your friends and family! If you’re local, spending a few hours walking around San Francisco or taking a day trip to Half Moon Bay can be a chance to make memories! Seize the day.

Try your hand at a new hobby

Always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele, master latte art or practice a new language? This summer is your time to shine. Set a goal before the summer starts and crush it! There are many free options to explore your interests — including YouTube tutorials, Duolingo and, potentially, even local events hosted by your community.

Over everything else, summer vacation is a time to reward yourself for all of the hard work you have put into this semester. Take a moment to appreciate yourself, gather your strength for finals, and don’t forget about the light at the end of the tunnel! “Game of Thrones” is almost over, so now we can officially say: Summer. Is. Coming!

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