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Are you ready for it? Speculations of a new album based on Taylor Swift's Instagram

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APRIL 18, 2019

If you haven’t been on Instagram in the past week (or the past few months, for that matter), or if you’ve been caught up in the ubiquity of “Ariana Grande Fatigue” lately (we don’t blame you), you’re probably unaware that Taylor Swift posted a mysterious countdown to April 26 on her Instagram and website last week. We at the Clog think this could only mean a new album … or yet another countdown to “Avengers: Endgame.” Whichever it is, it’s clear that we’re about to enter a new era of post-Reputation Taylor Swift, as signaled by Taylor’s constant posting of cryptic clues via her Instagram this past week. TS7 is coming, and we at the Clog are here to speculate on what all of the clues we’ve been seeing on Taylor Swift’s Instagram mean for (what we’re guessing is) her new album.

Clue 1: Pink heart 


Sparkly, pink, heart-shaped stone? We’re sorry (not sorry), but all we’re thinking about when we see this big, beautiful jewel is whether or not it’s perched atop an engagement ring. Yeah, we went there. Will Taylor be announcing that her and Joe Alwyn (not to be confused with ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas) are engaged in her new album? We hope so. But regardless, the heart could only mean one thing — Taylor’s probably madly in love. Whether it’s with Joe or her cats is the big money question, but either way, we’re hoping to get all of the answers on TS7.

Clue 2: More jewelry, plus a little pastel nail art 


Upon doing a close reading of this little number, we’ve concluded that jewels, pastel colors and a sort of ethereal tone (for all you English majors out there) are going to be important aspects of Taylor’s newest album. Will we be hearing sounds of all those bedazzled rings clinking together on her newest hit song? We suppose we’ll have to wait to find out.

Clue 3: A pink … tutu? 


We have zero idea what this is a picture of besides an ombre assortment of pink tulle, but it does resemble a tutu, and it does follow the pastel theme that Taylor’s been serving us for her past several Instagram posts. Are we getting a sequel to the steamy Reputation song “Dress” on the new album? Is Taylor becoming a ballerina? Is she making a cameo on “Project Runway” to support the show’s host and her BFF Karlie Kloss? Are they still even BFFs? To put it simply: What is going on???

Clue 4: Meredith and Olivia ft. sparkly filter


Something about the filter over this photo of Taylor Swift’s two famous cats, Meredith and Olivia, screams “sparkle” — maybe that’s just because there’s literally sparkles added on top of the photo. Also, what is Meredith looking at? Is she looking at the cover of Taylor Swift’s new album? And why does Olivia look so perplexed? Is she listening to the album and hearing a new sound we’ve never heard Taylor release before? Only time will tell.

Clue 5: ANOTHER pastel-colored heart 


Only this time, it’s blue and not as bedazzled as the last one we saw (but it’s still pretty bedazzled if we do say so ourselves). We have to call it at this point — the word “heart” must be somewhere in the album title. Or at least in one of the album’s song’s titles. Taylor, it’s clear to us you’re in some type of love. Just spill the tea already!

We can hardly wait any longer for what surprises Taylor Swift has in store for us next week, but luckily it won’t be long until we find out what all those darn hearts mean. We’re ready for it, Taylor.

Chloe Lelchuk is the blog editor. Contact Chloe Lelchuk at [email protected].

APRIL 18, 2019