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Best of Berkeley 2019

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Berkeley, California is a city thriving with culture. Every street is simultaneously grounded in rich history and budding with new stories. Businesses that have been staples of Berkeley for decades are nestled next to freshly opened storefronts. The bustling swarms of people on campus are composed of faculty and students alike, alumni returning to their old stomping grounds and admitted students standing awestruck at their new home. In a place like Berkeley, it can be daunting to try and navigate all of the activity and vibrancy it has to offer. The Daily Californian is here to alleviate some of that stress. From campus culture to city life to eating adventures, the Daily Cal gives you a guide to the very best of Berkeley! The winners of each category were voted on by the public of Berkeley through google form created by the Daily Cal. 

Maisy Menzies

Best of Berkeley: Campus 2019

And, with windows on all sides, the views from Berkeley Way West are nothing short of stunning — head to one of the upper floors shortly before sunset to catch a gorgeous view of the Golden Gate Bridge, campus or Downtown Berkeley (depending on which side you’re facing).

— Shannon O’Hara

Best of Berkeley: City 2019

Enveloped by dogwood trees and the thick, overgrown ivy of Live Oak Park, the Berkeley Art Center, or BAC, offers a serene environment to enjoy the distinct local art of the Bay Area in its gallery and studio.

— Layla Chamberlin

Best of Berkeley: Food 2019

Berkeley is populated by a handful of burger joints — but scarce are the fast-food restaurants that many are familiar with. Super Duper Burgers isn’t fast food, and it doesn’t try to be.

— Areyon Jolivette

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APRIL 18, 2019