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What 4/20 would be like if it didn't happen on Memorial Glade

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APRIL 18, 2019

It’s tradition to have 4/20 festivities be at the hub of recreation on campus — Memorial Glade. Have you ever thought about what 4/20 would be like on other parts of campus? Here are a few ideas of what being on campus on 4/20 might be like if Memorial Glade didn’t exist.

Faculty Glade

The first place to look when Memorial Glade isn’t an option is the other “glade” on campus, the Faculty Glade. Though the final cloud may not be as grand, the venue has a beautiful view of Strawberry Creek. On top of that, there’s a nice hill to roll down for good luck in case you accidentally lose your footing. The ambience of Faculty Glade is nothing less than stoic. If 4/20 were here, there probably wouldn’t be enough room for everyone, but at least there isn’t a view of Evans.

VLSB lawn

Like Faculty Glade, the VLSB lawn has a slight hill, but with a few cute little trees to provide patrons with some shade. There are plenty of photo ops, since VLSB commands that presence on campus, but it wouldn’t be the place to go if you planned on chilling well before the main event. The staircase will probably be 1,000 degrees, so approach with caution. Honestly, the grass might still be wet after the time it rained a week ago, so the best bet is to just chill in the trees and try out the hammock life for the afternoon. If anyone plans on studying in the outdoor patio of FSM, they’ll have a nice and direct view of the cloud.

Hearst Mining Circle

This location would be prime if the sculpture in the Circle didn’t take up so much sitting space. It’s almost guaranteed that a couple of people would be finding their seats on the rings. For all the Evans enthusiasts out there, this is a chance to bask in its majesty. For some extra perspective, the view of the smoke cloud from the tenth floor of Evans might as well be just as life changing as being part of the crowd making it.

Sproul Plaza

One could only imagine how large the crowd would be if 4/20 were to take place smack dab in the middle of Sproul Plaza. To set up the scenery, cat videos would be projected on Sproul Hall and decorations in the form of toilet paper rolls would be strung in the trees. Vendors would be handing out free Yerba Mate and the occasional Tame Impala song would play in the background. The cloud would be the largest in campus history, period. By the end of the event, all of Upper Sproul would be covered in an inch-thick layer of trash that all the undergrads have to pick up the next day.

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APRIL 18, 2019