Your guide to moving out for the end of the year

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With the end of the semester approaching, the feeling of pure joy has started to permeate the campus. You’ll finally be able to return home, see your childhood friends and eat a home-cooked meal. It’s easy, however, to forget about the many things you need to get done before you depart. To make life easier, we at the Clog have compiled a list of things you must do to prepare for the end of the academic year.

Solidify your housing situation for next year

If you’re moving out of the dorms or your current apartment, finding housing should be one of your priorities. Scroll diligently through listings on the UC Berkeley Off-Campus Housing Facebook group and online rental sites such as Zillow, but beware of scams and overpriced apartments. When you think you’ve found the ideal place, immediately contact the owner for a viewing since finding housing can be extremely competitive in the Bay Area. If you’re satisfied with your current living situation, make sure to follow all the necessary procedures to confirm your stay, such as renewing your lease.

Return your borrowed books

Paying full price for your books can sometimes equal the amount you pay for rent, which is why many students prefer the money-saving option of renting the required texts. If you’ve decided to go this route, remember to return all of your borrowed books by their return dates to avoid being charged their full prices. If you’ve borrowed via Amazon, you can head to the conveniently located Amazon Locker in Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union to return your books.

Check your mailbox

The simple act of checking your mailbox before you leave is commonly forgotten. This is especially applicable if you live far away from Berkeley and won’t be back for approximately three months. You’d be shocked by all the important mail you’ve received during your time here – paychecks, magazine subscriptions and even dreaded jury duty summons.

Give it your all during dead week

While this task may seem like a no-brainer, you’d be surprised by how strong the temptation can be to use the week solely for fun. It’s important, however, to finish off the semester strong, so make a schedule that you can follow to tackle your studies in a less stressed manner. With a schedule made in advance, you’ll find it much easier to fit in a good balance of activities that include everything from hanging out with friends to going over practice exams.

Pack up, sell or toss out your belongings

Don’t get caught frantically packing up all your belongings the day before your flight home. Since it’s likely that you’re not taking everything you own back home, use the upcoming weekends to purchase boxes to make moving out of the dorms or your apartment easier. You’ll also want to find a place to temporarily store your things, so hit up a friend or search for nearby storage lockers. Now is also a great time to sell or discard all of the clothes, furniture and miscellaneous items you’ve realized no longer give you joy.

Phew! Now with all of these tasks on your radar, you can rest assured that the remainder of the semester will be smooth sailing from here on out. It can be hard to remember everything you have to do in such a short amount of time, but this guide will ensure that the end of the school year will be as stress-free as can be.

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