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Quiz: Should you smoke on 4/20?

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APRIL 19, 2019

4/20 is upon us and so is the most important decision you will make this year. Should you smoke on 4/20? We at the Clog know that all the cool kids are doing it, but does that mean you should too? Take our quiz to find out.


  1. Are you a stoner?
    1. I used to smoke a lot, but I haven’t had a lot of time to recently.
    2. The first time I smoked was out of an apple on 4/20 in seventh grade at the mall.
    3. All I’ve gotta say is that I’m lonely and I free my mind at night.
    4. I’ve never smoked before, but I think April 20, 2019, would be the perfect day to try it for the first time.
  2. How does weed make you feel?
    1. Sooo chill.
    2. Like everyone around me hates me.
    3. It makes music sound SO much better and every thought I have is like, so profound!
    4. According to a quick Google search, marijuana alters your sensory perception and affects your mood and mental state.
  3. Do you regularly glade?
    1. Of course, there is something really special about spending time outside. The indoors are so constraining.
    2. I dabble.
    3. Where do you think I am during lecture?
    4. By “glade” I assume you mean Memorial Glade, the “expansive, sloped lawn amid academic buildings that is a popular hangout for UC Berkeley students,” if so, I have been there.
  4. How does the thought of cramming onto the Glade to smoke with every other UC Berkeley student make you feel?
    1. Man, it’s a tradition. It makes me feel proud that I’m a Golden Bear.
    2. Honestly, it seems really stressful and uncomfortable. I’ll probably get a rash from sitting on the grass or something, ugh.
    3. Bro, it’s going to be so sick! 4/20 last year was like the best day of my life… until I yakked from smoking too much.
    4. I haven’t fully weighed the pros and cons, I’ll get back to you.
  5. What’s your preferred method of smoking?
    1. Bong rips yoooo.
    2. I like using a Pax.
    3. Spliff.
    4. I think a pipe would be optimal.
  6. Do you want to smoke on 4/20?
    1. DUH.
    2. I mean not particularly, but it seems like the thing to do.
    3. YEE HAW!
    4. I think so, yes.
    1. We don’t know why you’re taking this quiz. You were bred to smoke on 4/20.
    2. You shouldn’t, but we know you will anyway because you’re a sucker for peer pressure. Have fun being paranoid surrounded by seemingly every last UC Berkeley student.
    3. It would be a crime for you not to smoke.
    4. Hey, you might as well give it a shot. Seems like you’ve done your research, and everyone’s doing it anyway…


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APRIL 19, 2019