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Weed should go! Best restaurants to satisfy your 4/20 munchies

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APRIL 19, 2019

4/20 is here, stoner friends. It’s the day to celebrate your favorite holiday and be high on life. Be one with nature and experience the magic of marijuana on the Glade this Saturday. But let’s be honest here, the munchies is one of the best parts about being high. Everything you eat tastes 10 times better. Here are a list of restaurants in Berkeley that will surely satisfy your munchies. Greasy, sugary, fat and extremely unhealthy, these are all the factors that make the munchies worth every bite.   

Taco Bell on Durant

This is a no-brainer. Munchies? Drunchies? Taco Bell on Durant is the place to be. The Crunchwrap or any of the burritos will happily make your munchies go away. There will probably a long line on Saturday, so be prepared or go to any of the other places listed below!


Taco Bell line too long? At least Artichokes is just up the street! Serving some of the fattest slices of pizza, Artichokes is the place to be on 4/20.


Honestly, the satisfaction rate of McDonald’s is similar to Taco Bell’s. They’re both fast, cheap and extremely unhealthy. You can order anything on the menu and you’ll be equally as happy with any choice.  

Church’s Chicken

This isn’t as local, but if you want to walk off your high or take a nice bus ride down Telegraph, Church’s is the perfect place. Their fried chicken is to die for, especially since you’ll probably be able to order a ton without destroying your wallet. Also, be sure to order their biscuits too!  


Korean food is already so delicious. But when you’re high, it’s even better! Kimchi fried rice, boneless fried chicken with rice cake and budae jjigae? See me there!  

Kingpin Donuts

If you have a major sweet tooth and sugary treats tend to hit your munchies’ sweet spot, then Kingpin Donuts is calling your name. They serve amazingly delicious donuts and they close at 3 a.m. So, if you get the munchies or drunchies at 2 a.m., fear not, Kingpin Donuts has your back.  

Some of our other favorite restaurants in Berkeley to satisfy our munchies include Abe’s, Gypsy’s and any Mexican restaurant around Berkeley. There are a ton of places that will surely make you happy, so don’t worry! Berkeley will always have your back on this high day.

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APRIL 19, 2019