Moving Forward: A poem

Silhouette of a person in a dress walking by a body of water during the sunset.
Pixabay/Creative Commons

We were raised in one home,

We were whole within it    



It was ours

We felt a sense of ownership, of constancy

It was familiar, comforting, infinite


I never thought of leaving,

Of saying goodbye

To the memories

To the pieces of me held inside


This place helped raise me

It nurtured, it embraced,

And it let go


It’s OK to be sad

To fear the next step, the unknown

It’s OK to ache

To be anxious and unsure


That only serves as a reminder of who I am


It is time to start anew

It’s time to move forward


It’s now a house

Empty of my belongings,

        Absent of the laughter that we once filled it with,

        Vacant of the noise that once filled the rooms


They’ve found a new place to reside

I’ve found a new place to explore

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