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5 things seniors will miss about UC Berkeley

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APRIL 22, 2019

With the spring semester coming to a close, seniors (including super seniors) everywhere are rejoicing about their college days finally ending, unless you’re going on to graduate school — in that case, we’ll be praying for you! Alongside the excitement of beginning a new stage of life, however, there comes a sadness about leaving certain things behind. Those little things you took for granted — or perhaps even hated! — are sure to take on a rosy tone during your last few weeks of school. Here are some of the things that you might just find yourself missing once you have officially graduated from UC Berkeley.

Vicious squirrels

Woe be the day when your morning strolls to class aren’t interrupted by squirrels attempting to jump on your head. How will you ever go on without these tender creatures constantly hounding your every step and attempting to steal your lunch? Once you leave UC Berkeley, all you’ll have are these sweet memories of our favorite furry friends.

Adorable Kiwibots

These borderline murderous little robots have a habit of appearing to be stalking you. You haven’t truly experienced UC Berkeley if you haven’t run into one of these machines in a dark alley and legitimately feared for your life. They can still be pretty cute though — and who wouldn’t love receiving their food from a robot servant? We bet your fancy new job in Silicon Valley won’t have this awesome food delivery service.

Easy AF computer science classes

Remember the nights when all you had to worry about was your CS midterm? Those were the simple days — a few hours of studying and you’d be ready to ace these. Your new job will probably be 10 times more stressful than any midterm UC Berkeley can throw at you.

Competing for space on the Glade

Nothing spells out relaxation more than going to the Glade on a sunny day, but finding a place to sit among the sea of students and Frisbee players could be called an extreme sport. At least it’s not as bad as trying to find a place to sit — or nap! — in Moffitt during exam season.

Dodging flyer handouts on Sproul

Last but certainly not least, you’ll surely miss the early morning cardio sessions involved in skirting around those pesky flyer-ers. But hey, at some point you’ve also been one of those people passing out papers, right?

The most important thing to remember is that your times at UC Berkeley will never truly leave you. All your experiences have led up to this one moment that you’ve worked so hard for: graduation! Relax, you’ve earned it. Rest assured that should you ever miss the crazy squirrels or creepy Kiwibots, they’ll be here waiting for you.

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APRIL 23, 2019