Every type of CNR student you’ll ever meet

Wikimedia/Creative Commons

For those who have never taken the distant journey to the northwest side of campus, the College of Natural Resources may seem like another world full of trees and flannels. And although CNR students are usually defined in one category, we at the Clog are here to tell you that many flavors exist. 

The study abroad wizard

We all know the study abroad wizard, probably because this student exists within every college community. This is the kid that spent six months in Costa Rica or Chile or maybe, on some Australian island doing “field work.” And as much as they want to tell you about their time dissecting some strange lizard in a tropical forest lab, you know that in reality, they, too, were grossed out by it. And although they still walk around wearing those braided anklets they got at a local farmer’s market while abroad, you know they’ll be quick to cut them off at the next family reunion because god forbid their grandparents think they’ve become one of those “Berkeley liberals.”

The succulent farmer

This CNR student is in every one of your ESPM discussion sections. And on the first day of section, when you go around introducing yourself, they will tell you that they are from L.A. and aspire to one day be an organic farmer. And even though their passions are in the right place, you know they haven’t done a day of farming in their entire life. And as much as you want to respect their interests, you do want to tell them that farming may be a little different than watering their windowsill succulent once a month.

The “have I told you about my co-op?”

Probably the most classic of them all — the co-op kid. This CNR student is sure to mention their co-op every time they speak, and they most definitely are sure to tell you how Greek life is a corrupt system — even though the co-op system seems dangerously similar. And when their parents drop them off in Berkeley after winter break in the BMW, they’re sure to park a few blocks away because who knows what would happen if someone found out they could actually afford a Berkeley apartment like the rest of us have to?

The sneaky environmental economist

Now, this CNR student is the sneakiest of them all. Unlike the succulent farmer or the co-op kid, they don’t look like a CNR student on the outside. These are the environmental economics majors who are probably trying to hide the fact that they didn’t get into Haas and are just so “passionate about transitioning our economy off of fossil fuels.” Even though 95 percent of them will graduate and work at Exxon, they’re still sure to publicly shame their friends for using plastic straws.

There you have it — the many types of CNR students you will encounter if you decide to make the hike to the northwest corner of campus! And although they may be easy to pick on, the CNR students are, in reality, dedicating their careers to solving the issues we’ve all created. So take it easy on them, bring some trail mix and remember to say “hi” next time you pass by.

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