Picks of the Week: ‘Someone Great,’ Beyoncé and Spotify finds from friends

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Happy Monday, Berkeley!

This past week Netflix released their newest shot at a perfect rom-com with “Someone Great,” which in my humble opinion is the closest they have gotten. With an all-star cast, fantastic outfits and an addictive soundtrack (featuring none other than “Supercut” by Lorde) it’s a perfect Monday watch to destress.

This Tuesday, indie rock/dream pop band Turnover will be playing at The Regency Ballroom in SF. While the sound of the group may be hard to precisely describe, “Super Natural” and “Dizzy on the Comedown” are great introductions to their style.

Spend Wednesday catching up with all the new music. Lizzo’s new album came out this past week. I’ll keep it short and sweet, but “Soulmate,” “Heaven Help Me” and “Like A Girl” are the most fun songs on the album, perfect for letting in the warm weather forecasted for the coming week. While you’re at it, why not check out Pitchfork’s list of Lizzo’s 10 best flute videos?

In other news, Beyoncé’s Homecoming: The Live Album is now available to stream on Spotify, finally releasing music from Lemonade onto more accessible streaming services! Finally, Carly Rae Jepsen debuted her newest track “Julien” this past week as well, which sadly does not feature or pay homage to Julien Baker.

Continuing on the music thread, find some tracks not in the headlines by spending some time Thursday lurking on your friend’s Spotify playlists. From my friend Cade, I found “Stop Talking” and “Leave the Party” by Miya Folick, which are two songs that encapsulate so much of my experiences that I’m shocked I’ve never found them in a song before. From another friend, Julia, I found “Think of You” by Whigfield and “I Don’t Want It At All” by Kim Petras. From Olivia, I found “Blessing” by Sampa The Great and from Caroline I found “Stevie Knicks” by Girlyboi. It wasn’t an entirely productive afternoon, but my spring will be much more tuneful because of it.

This Friday something will be coming from Taylor Swift, although no one is sure exactly what. But be prepared for something big. In the meantime, check out the great journalism from the folks over at Buzzfeed looking into all of the clues leading up to this announcement going months back.

This Saturday go check out “I Am Not a Witch” which will be playing at BAMPFA at 5:45 p.m. and will be introduced by UC Berkeley professor and author of “The Old Drift” Namwali Serpell. This film about a young Shula accused of witchcraft made a huge splash on the festival circuit last year for its use of magical realism and social critique. This Saturday is also your last opportunity to catch the site-specific aerial dance showing in San Francisco: “The Wait Room” honors women with incarcerated loved ones. Seating is limited, but tickets for the outdoor performance are free with seats given on a first come first served basis.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, the ASUC has been having a very rocky week, all of which has been covered by The Daily Californian’s news team. Check out all the coverage from the resignations of ASUC officials to the executive order issued by ASUC president Alexander Wilfert. As for the Arts department, we’ve been working diligently on 2019’s Best of Berkeley content, covering everything from Best Building to Best Boba. As for our more standard coverage, Harrison Tunggal interviewed graphic novelist Juliana “Jewels” Smith, Nora Krug and Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez on socially conscious comic books in anticipation of their upcoming panel at the Bay Area Book festival. Meanwhile, Areyon Jolivette and Julia Mears gave the new Elle Fanning flick “Teen Spirit” a biting 1.5/5.0 in their review of the film, calling it “vapid and devoid of any sign of a soul behind the product.” Yikes!



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