Spilling the tea on Cal Day UC Berkeley versus day-to-day UC Berkeley

Ethan Epstein/File

OMG, Dan and Jan were spotted getting really close at Gamma Apple Pi, but since when have they even known each other? And is that Chad tabling at the Chicano Studies table? Even though this whole time he said he was CS so we thought he was obviously a computer science major? And why are so many students hanging out on Memorial Glade? Why are they so relaxed and not stressed?

Cal Day reveals nothing or, sometimes, perhaps everything about college life at UC Berkeley. But fret not, for your favorite journalists here at the Clog are about to spill the tea on what a normal day in our lives actually looks like. Without further ado, we present to you UC Berkeley versus the UC Berkeley they told you not to worry about.

The weather

There are plenty of days when the sun is out, birds are chirping, squirrels are stealing your food and Caffe Strada has no free outdoor tables, but Cal Day always has suspiciously perfect weather. Don’t be fooled though — there are many days when the weather is kind of gross and rainy and sometimes a little gloomy, so just have your umbrella on hand always, okay? Also, don’t worry about the volatile weather, it’s nothing that a chai latte can’t fix.

The frats

On Cal Day, the frats make it a point to blast Lil Uzi Vert on their speakers and maybe a few Drake songs, if we’re lucky, and students are spilling in and out with and without their hotline bling bids. But, incoming freshmen, don’t think that this is what college is completely like. After a few visits, you’ll be well over partying with Tim and Jim over mimosas, and you’ll surely expand your rap repertoire. Thank u, next.

The tables on Sproul

Cal Day can get a little overwhelming with all the tables on Sproul and in front of Wheeler Hall. While you will get numerous flyers on Sproul on a typical day at UC Berkeley, there’ll never be as many booths on Sproul as there are on Cal Day. Pedestrian traffic on Sproul is normally not that busy.

Free trips up the Campanile

While you can travel up the Campanile for free on Cal Day as a UC Berkeley student, you can go up the tower for free as long as you have your student ID with you. It’s worth the trip and the #views because why would you not want to experience all the feels atop the world’s third tallest clock tower? P.S. Stanford’s tower is definitely shorter than ours, so take that.

We’re the No. 1 public university in the world

This fact will be announced every single place you go and in every single speech you hear, whether it be on Cal Day or a normal school day since there’s at least one report out there that states this important statistic. While some may call this a weird flex, we at UC Berkeley take it very seriously and are immensely proud of our hard work to maintain this title. Can we get a hell yeah?

UC Berkeley has its quirks, but we love it with all our heart and so will you. Go Bears.

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