How to take your section friendship into the real world

Hannah Cooper/Senior Staff

Section friends are a staple of your Berkeley experience, but, unfortunately, a lot of times they are just that, section friends. We at the Clog understand that it has reached the point in the year where you only have one or two sections left and you need to decide whether or not this friendship can expand from the confines of the Evans basement. You are running out of time to make a friendship move, so we at the Clog compiled some helpful tips for taking your relationship to the next level!

Run into them at a party

Nothing says the start of an out-of-section friendship like hugging as if you’ve known each other for years at a frat party. Bonus points if one or both of you doesn’t remember the interaction.

Exchange numbers

It is vital that you have a way to communicate with your discussion friend outside of class in order to coordinate any outside-of-section interaction. We suggest that you ask them to send you notes from a lecture you missed. That is a surefire way to obtain their number.

Invite your section pal to coffee after class

Nothing says casual like an open invite to grab coffee right after class. This is a low-stakes way to test the waters of hanging out in a nonacademic setting. It is also highly public so you don’t run the risk of being murdered by your section friend.

Study for the final together

Suggest to a group of your section mates that you all study for the final together. Inviting the whole group makes this school-related hangout more casual, and you can bond with your section friend over how weird everyone else is!

Invite them to your birthday party

A tried-and-true method, the ole invite-your-section-friend-to-your-birthday-party is a classic way to bring them into your inner circle and establish a friendship. Since it is your birthday, they will be forced to say nice things about you — it makes them think that y’all are real friends.

Tell them way too much information about yourself while in section

The key to a successful friendship is vulnerability, and the perfect place to tap into your vulnerability is in the basement of Evans. Open up to your section friend by telling them about your craziest blackout stories and weirdest hook-ups. Once they know all your deepest darkest secrets, you’ll be bound for life.

By following these tips your section friend will no longer be your section friend, they’ll just be your friend! We at the Clog can’t wait to see your friendship blossom!

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